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Eco HQ

At Toyota GB we have been working towards a vision of transforming the landscape of our headquarters in Burgh Heath by improving and increasing the biodiversity of both plants and wildlife on site.

Each species, no matter how small, has an important part to play in its own ecosystem and the greater the biodiversity of an ecosystem, the stronger it is. But unsustainable use of the environment is resulting in the worldwide extinction of a huge number of species. This is why Toyota GB’s headquarters prides itself on being an Eco-HQ that aims to encourage and enhance onsite biodiversity.

One of the main aims of Toyota’s global Environmental Challenge 2050 is to establish a future society in harmony with nature. Our Eco-HQ is designed to establish meaningful connections between Toyota and the surrounding Surrey landscape, with the aim of recreating the habitats that once existed before the widespread building of towns, houses and roads. Our vision for Eco-HQ is to create a lasting legacy for the local environment and local community.

Biodiversity Vision

Eco-HQ's landscape has been designed and continuously managed to achieve three principle aims:

  1. To enhance biodiversity at the Burgh Heath site.
  2. To provide a high quality and engaging space for use by TGB staff and visitors, as well as providing opportunity for staff engagement activities.
  3. To provide a legacy through education of staff and the local community.

Biodiversity aims

To encourage and enhance the biodiversity of the onsite habitats.

  • Natural pond - amphibians, invertebrate
  • Heritage variety orchards such as Claygate Pearman & Yellow Ingestrie apples; Concorde Pear; Farleigh Damson
  • Herb garden that features Chives, Rosemary, Garlic and Thyme
  • Ancient woodland - breeding birds, bats
  • Wild meadow - pollinators and protection
  • Man-made structures - bug hotels, hibernaculum, bat and bird boxes
  • Staff engagement – building bug hotels, clearing scrub, coppicing


Since starting the Eco-HQ project, the site has provided habitat for a large variety of species. We continue to have surveys done to ensure we are capturing the site’s true biodiversity, flag areas for improvement and set ourselves appropriate goals for the future. Currently onsite we have:

TGB Bees

Toyota GB understands the important role that bees play in pollinating the natural world and that there is a growing need to protect them. Back in 2015, two hives were introduced to Burgh Heath to provide a habitat for the honey-making heroes and since then we have continued to manage up to three hives. Excess honey is extracted and sold to staff in aid of Toyota’s charity partners.

Our partners

Toyota has taken a lead in the UK motor industry by establishing a partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to strengthen the ecological and environmental quality of its UK operations. The collaboration is transforming Toyota’s manufacturing sites and its national sales and marketing headquarters into thriving sustainable habitats for plants and wildlife. 

At TGB there has been a focus on identifying and using native plant species from the surrounding countryside and establishing them on site to create an Eco-HQ.
Toyota GB is a Gold Corporate Partner of Surrey Wildlife trust (SWT). This partnership helps to improve and promote biodiversity of our headquarters in Burgh Heath, Epsom, Surrey. SWT carry out ecological surveys on the site to ensure that our business is on the right path to working in harmony with nature.

Our expert on site gardening company Nurture ensures that the grounds are maintained to a high standard and in a way that encourages biodiversity to flourish all year round. We also work closely with Conservation & Access with specialist installations such as bat & bird boxes, bug hotels and raised bed herb garden.