1. Electrification
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Discover the Toyota Electrified range

An electrified car is propelled by an electric motor to some extent. Some electrified cars, including Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids, also have a petrol engine. Others, like the Toyota bZ4X, are entirely electric. Our range of electrified vehicles deliver a blend of reliability and performance.
    Self-charging hybrid
    Using a combination of petrol and electric, or pure electric energy, with no need to plug-in.
    Plug-in hybrid
    Powerful Hybrid technology with the capability to cover shorter daily trips in pure-electric mode.
    Battery electric
    Battery electric vehicles do not have a tailpipe and run on battery power alone.
    With no emissions at the tailpipe, Toyota Hydrogen vehicles can help to revolutionise the way we drive.

Benefits of hybrid and electric vehicles

Easy to drive

All of our hybrid and electric vehicles are automatic, delivering a smooth, effortless drive.

Lower emissions

Hybrid and electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than conventionally powered vehicles.

Impressive range

Our hybrids and plug-in hybrids use a combination of petrol and electric, or pure electric energy, giving flexibility in how you drive. Electric vehicles such as the Toyota bZ4X have an impressive range.

Hybrid and electric cars can save you money

In a hybrid, you can travel in electric up to 55%* of the time, saving money on fuel compared ot a conventional car. Whilst a pure electric car can be cost efficient to charge at home, and company car drivers benefit from low benefit in kind rates.

Meet the All-Electric Toyota bZ4X

Our first All-Electric SUV has a bold presence on the road, with sharp lines, and a spacious interior.

Benefit from lower running costs than a conventional car, and drive with zero emissions at the tailpipe.
Explore Toyota bZ4X

How much does an electric car cost to run?

Electric cars can be cheaper to run than a conventional car, particularly when it comes to fuelling them. Most people choose to charge at home or work the majority of the time which is cost efficient and convenient.

Use our charging cost calculator to estimate how much it would cost to run a Toyota electric vehicle

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Hybrids and battery electric vehicles have a key difference. A hybrid electric vehicle switches between petrol and electric power, and pure electric power, and the hybrid battery charges when braking or coasting – so there is no need to plug in. A battery electric vehicle does not have a tailpipe resulting in zero tailpipe emissions, and runs on battery power alone, meaning that you have to plug in the vehicle to charge it.

Charging an electric vehicle is easy and you can charge whilst you are at home, or at a growing number of locations when travelling.

There are three methods of charging for battery electric vehicles.


Rapid (43kW to 50kW)
The fastest way to charge your battery electric vehicle. There are over 4,000 public rapid charge points across the UK.


Fast (7kW to 22kW)
Much faster than a normal plug, dedicated EV chargers can be installed at home or found in many public and workplace car parks.


Slow (3.7kW)
You can even charge your vehicle through a domestic 3-pin plug socket which can be convenient although this is a slower way to charge.


Use Zap Map to find public charging stations on your route.


Charging is easy, and when you buy a Toyota full battery electric vehicle, or plug-in hybrid, two cables will be included:


3 Pin Plug cable which is used for slow charging with a 3 pin plug at home.


32A Type A Mennekes cable which is used for fast charging at home with a dedicated EV charger or when you are using a fast public charger.


When you use a public rapid charger to charge your electric vehicle, the charger will have a cable fitted already, and you simply need to plug it into your vehicle.

Just like any other vehicle, the range of an EV varies between make and model. The maximum range of our electric vehicles is impressive, our All-New bZ4X for example has a range of up to 318 miles*.


As with any vehicle, however it is powered, the range also depends on a number of factors such as weather and driving style.

*Electric range figures are provided for comparability purposes; only compare electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results. Electric range can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the accessories fitted (post-registration), driving style, conditions, speed and vehicle load.

Like every element in Toyota, the batteries in our electric vehicles are engineered to last. For peace of mind, every battery comes with an 8 year/100,000 mile manufacturer warranty, that can be extended to 10 years with regular servicing at an authorised Toyota dealer.
*Average percent of 357,693 combined test drive journeys spent in electric mode on Yaris, Yaris Cross, Auris, Corolla Family, RAV4 Hybrids, Highlander, Camry and Prius family. Test drives taken nationally between 01/04/2016 and 01/08/2023 in a variety of weather and driving conditions. Test drives conducted over a total of 4,809,065 miles at an average speed of 24mph.