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Toyota HomeCharge

Toyota HomeCharge offers superior quality and reliability, providing the perfect partner for your Plug-in Hybrid or Battery Electric vehicle.

  • Connector: Type 2 Socket (incl.Safety Shutter).

    Maximum Power Output: 7.4kW

    Authentification method: RFID / MyToyota

    Connectivity: 4G, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth

    4G Dataplan: Yes, 10 years data plan included.

    Over-The-Air updates: Yes

    Dimensions: 195mm (W);  320mm (H); 110mm (D)

    Warranty: 3 years

    Mounting: Option of Wall or Pedestal

Why choose Toyota Homecharge?


Unlock the full potential of your Toyota

Fully integrated with both your car and your Toyota HomeCharge, the intuitive MyToyota app put a world of functionality at your fingertips. Simply download the app to unlock the full potential of your Plug-in Hybrid or Battery Electric Vehicle.

Seamless customer experience

Created to deliver a seamless user experience, Toyota HomeCharge offers a number of useful benefits. Check your battery status, activate charging remotely, and create schedules for easier, faster and more affordable charging, all using the MyToyota app on your smartphone.

Everything you need to get started

To help you get more from your car, Toyota HomeCharge comes with everything you need to get started. Two radio frequency identification (RFID) cards are included, providing instant owner authentication. For complete peace of mind, a comprehensive three-year warranty is also included.

10 years of SIM Connectivity

Fast and reliable 4G connectivity is key to easy and convenient home charging, giving you full control of your Toyota HomeCharge from your smartphone. To make driving electric effortless and enjoyable, Toyota HomeCharge includes 10 years of 4G SIM connectivity.
  • Step 1


    Once you’ve ordered your Toyota Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) or Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). We can help install a home EV charger. Toyota HomeCharge is installed by our partners, British Gas. Your dealer will introduce you to British Gas and suggest you download the MyToyota App to manage the charger.

  • Step 2


    British Gas will email you inviting you to order your Toyota HomeCharge. You will be asked to pay a small deposit with the final payment due after installation. You will also be asked for the installation address.

  • Step 3


    British Gas will conduct a survey to assess the installation. This is a two step process: firstly they will ask you to submit some photographs of your electrical supply components; this will be followed up with a video call to check details and assess the safety of the installation.

  • Step 4


    British Gas will manage the installation process, including liaising with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for approval to instal if required. Once you are ready to proceed British Gas will arrange a suitable time for installation. This will typically take four to five hours.

Installing your EV charger

  • Complimentary Toyota HomeCharge

    From 3rd April to 30th September, we are offering retail customers who order a new Toyota plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, which is registered by 31st December, a complimentary Toyota HomeCharge EV charger with standard installation included.

    Terms and conditions apply. (Opens in new window)


Toyota HomeCharge is a smart EV home charger that connects with your Toyota and MyToyota app to provide an easy way for you to charge your electric vehicle at home.

Any Battery Electric or Plug-in Hybrid car with a standard Type 2 charging port can use Toyota HomeCharge. Note that some MyToyota app features depend on which car is being charged, and the MyToyota app is not compatible with non-Toyota cars.

Our home charging solution makes charging your Toyota simple and convenient. The sleek charger is fully integrated with the MyToyota app & your Toyota, putting you in control wherever you are.


It allows you to do everything that you would expect from a connected charger including managing users, remote charging, and tracking your charging sessions. 

A tethered charger has a built-in charging cable, whereas an untethered charger uses a separate charging cable.  All Toyota Plug-In Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles are supplied with a Type 2 cable for use with a charger and a 3-pin connector for use with your standard domestic sockets. 

The charging time will depend on your electricity supply as well as vehicle make and model. Typically in the UK, Toyota HomeCharge will charge at 7kW allowing a Toyota C-HR Plug-In to be fully charged from empty in 2h15m, a RAV4 Plug In in 2h 45m and a bZ4X in 10h 30m*


*Actual charging times may vary depending on various factors, including the age, type, condition and temperature of the charging unit and the battery, the starting charge and environmental conditions at the point of use. Charge times may be longer if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology.

Yes! It is entirely safe to charge your vehicle in the rain.

Once your charger is installed, charging is extremely simple. Plug it in and the vehicle will charge – just like any other electrical appliance. Advanced features such as scheduled charging are easily set-up via the MyToyota app.

From the 3rd April 2024 - 1st July 2024, we are offering retail customers who order a new Toyota plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, which is registered by 31st July 2024, a complimentary Toyota HomeCharge EV charger with standard installation included.


Terms and conditions apply.


If you are not eligible for this offer, the cost to purchase a Toyota HomeCharge is £1,095 with standard installation included. Speak to your local dealer to find out more.


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