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Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

From hybrid to petrol to diesel, different engines need different oils, some designed for city driving efficiency, some for high performance sports cars.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil has been designed to keep your car running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Find the right oil for your car here.

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Your Tyres

Compare our summer and winter car tyres

Did you know that Winter Tyres are made differently to Summer Tyres? Winter tyres are designed to have improved grip in winter conditions. Some Centres even store your seasonal tyres for you. To find out more speak to your dealer.

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Six ways to tell if your tyres need attention


Tread test
Place a 20p coin in the main tread grooves of your tyre (within the central three-quarters of the tread). If the outer band of the coin is hidden by the rubber, then your tread is above the legal limit of 1.6mm.


Tyre match
Check that your tyres match by looking at the tread pattern and make of each tyre. Make sure the tread and patterns look exactly the same so that you have well balanced grip.

wheel wobble

Wheel wobble
If your steering wheel vibrates at around 40-50mph, one or more of your wheels may need balancing or replacing.

steering wheel

Steering pull
If your car seems to be slowly veering in one direction then either your tracking is out, your tyre pressures are unequal or the treads on the front tyres don’t match.


Sidewall damage
Check the sides of the tyres for any cracks, splits or blisters; this usually happens on older tyres and it means they need replacing.

tyre markings.png

Tyre markings
The markings on its sidewall can be confusing but contain important information about the tyre. The image here shows you how to understand the key details.