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Owning a Toyota Hybrid

For over 25 years, Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid car technology and because we are experts in Toyota car health, we know more about keeping your Toyota in good condition than anyone. Today, our latest hybrid technology continues to evolve, leading the charge towards a better future for all, and a better drive for you.

Hybrid Maintenance

A hybrid car is no more expensive to maintain than any other vehicle. Hybrid engines still need regular oil changes like any other car, but the hybrid battery and system don’t need any other special servicing.

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Toyota Hybrid Electric Service

Our hybrid electric service includes diagnostic testing and a hybrid battery health check as standard.

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15 Year Extended Warranty

Hybrid battery reassurance. When you complete your annual Toyota Hybrid Electric Service, your Toyota is eligible for a further year or 10,000 miles of Hybrid battery extended cover, up to the 15th year from first registration.
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Going The Extra Mile

Our flexible service plans are tailored to your individual needs based on your annual mileage and the period of time you require the plan. An easy way to budget for all your servicing requirements.

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Hybrid Battery Repair

All new Toyota Hybrid batteries carry a five-year or 100k mile warranty, whichever comes first. Should it fail outside of its warranty period, such as a used car purchased privately, our specialists will be happy to advise on how it can be repaired.

The cost of replacing a battery can be covered by our hybrid battery cover which increases by one year or 10,000 miles after each Hybrid Electric Service with Toyota. Every Toyota hybrid model comes with a 15 year hybrid battery extended cover if you have a yearly Toyota Hybrid Electric Service.

Alternatively, you might opt for a Toyota Hybrid battery replacement with a new warranty. Battery costs will vary according to the model and year of your vehicle.