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Toyota Recall Checker

Recalls are a pretty rare occurrence but your safety and peace of mind means absolutely everything to us so we will always be completely clear about things like this.

If you want to know more about a recall you’ve heard about, or if you think your Toyota might be affected in any way, then please use our online recall checker now.

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For more information please visit our FAQs page or contact your local dealer.

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Latest recall news

Yaris recall notice June 2019

Toyota has issued a recall for certain 2018-2019 Yaris over a possible fault which could cause the auxiliary battery to not receive power risking a hybrid motor shut down. The recall affects Yaris produced between February 2018 and April 2019.

Emergency calling system recall May 2019

Some Toyota Corollas and RAV4s have been recalled so that their emergency calling system can be activated by Toyota dealers. The system enables emergency calls to be made manually, or automatically in the event of certain severe crashes, and is compulsory for new vehicles under EU law.

Airbag recall notice January 2019

Toyota has expanded its Takata airbag recall campaign. The recall affects Yaris and Hilux built between January 2015 and February 2017 and Auris and Yaris models produced between January 2011 and October 2012.

PROACE recall notice December 2018

Toyota has initiated safety recalls for the lower arm ball joint on certain PROACE models built between March 2016 and November 2018 as well as separate steering and air conditioning recall checks on specific PROACE models.

Auris, Corolla and Avensis Fuel Suction Plate Replacement

Toyota has issued a safety recall for certain Auris, Corolla and Avensis models, to replace the fuel suction plate. The affected cars are: Auris built between July 2007 and March 2015; Avensis built between January 2008 and April 2015; and Corolla 5 vehicles built between August 2007 and May 2010.

AYGO recall notice November 2018

Toyota has initiated a safety recall for certain AYGO 5 door models, to check and, if found necessary, replace the rear door glass. The recall involves AYGOs that were produced between February 2005 and December 2013.

Airbag and engine valve spring recall

Toyota has initiated two recalls over Airbag issues and a recall on an engine valve spring. The Airbag recalls affect various models built between 2002 and 2007 while the engine valve spring recall affects models between April 2002 and May 2013. Affected customers will be receiving notification through the post.

Toyota C-HR 2018 Recall Notice October 2018

Toyota has recalled Toyota C-HR models produced between June 2018 and August 2018. The recall is related to possible loose rear axle bearing bolts that could lead to damage to your car.

Prius, Prius+ and Auris Hybrid Power Management ECU Reprogram October 2018

Toyota has recalled certain Toyota Prius, Prius+ and Auris Hybrid vehicles produced between October 2008 and November 2014. The recall is related to a software issue that in rare circumstances could see the vehicle not entering a failsafe driving mode, which could see it lose power and stall.

Takata Airbag Inflator Spring 2017

As this is a larger recall, the parts supply is more limited than usual.

But as soon as they become available, we’ll get in touch so you can make an appointment with your Toyota Centre.
Once you’ve spoken to the team they’ll order the parts, then when they’re delivered they’ll arrange a convenient booking date with you.

To find out more information about road safety, road news, manufacturer recalls and MOT reminder services please click the link below.

Takata airbag recall information

How to check your Toyota

We’ve made it as quick and simple as possible for you to check if your Toyota is affected by a recall issue. All you need to do is have your registration or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to hand. These numbers can be found:

On your car
This information can be found on your car, usually where the dashboard meets the windscreen and/or on the driver's side door post where the door latches when it’s closed.
On your V5
This is your registration document for your car as provided by the DVLA. It lists all your vehicle details, including registration and VIN details.