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Owning a Toyota Electric Car

If you are new to driving an electric vehicle, we can help you with what to expect when you buy your first EV.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

In comparison to a conventional car, driving a Toyota electric car, or plug-in hybrid can save you money in running costs. Most people charge at home for every day journeys, only needing to charge elsewhere when they go on longer trips. This is convenient and can be cost efficient too, particularly when you take advantage of off-peak energy tariffs.

Our charging cost calculator can help you to estimate how much you are likely to spend.

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Charging your electric vehicle

Charging an EV takes longer than fuelling a conventional vehicle, but instead of stopping at a petrol station, you can enjoy the convenience of charging at home most of the time.

You may need to charge your EV at a public charger on longer journeys, with the number of chargers across the UK increasing every month, a bit of forward planning makes this easy. 

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Electric vehicle range

The distance you can expect to travel in your EV before recharging, is known as range.

As with any vehicle, you need to think about when you will refuel your car, EV owners tend to charge at home and work most of the time which easily becomes a habit.

There are a number of factors which influence your range, some of which you can impact to maximise efficiency.

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