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Caring about the environment is not something new to Toyota. We have for many years set out solid foundations throughout our business to ensure that environmental compliance is at the cornerstone of all our activities. Discover in this section the environmental management structure at Toyota GB Plc, methodologies and certifications that we use to ensure that we are creating an environmental mind set throughout the whole company.
  • Toyota GB Environmental Policy

    Toyota GB’s Environmental Policy is a formal expression of how we can go about achieving the aims we present in the Toyota CSR Policy, Toyota Challenge 2050 and TGB 5 Year Environmental Action Plan. This is the foundation stone for the way we manage environmental matters throughout our business.

    The policy includes our pledge to reduce emissions at every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle, to cut waste and the amount of natural resources we use and to protect and enhance biodiversity in order to operate in harmony with nature. This is supported by our commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance, energy usage and compliance with legal standards. We also seek to share our experience and encourage others to be aware of environmental issues and find effective ways of dealing with them.

Environmental Management System Governance Structure

Environmental Management System is responsible for enhancing the environmental performance of all levels and functions of the organisation, ensuring that the company’s environmental objectives are on track and to take action where necessary. It is governed by an Environmental Steering Group that meets bi-annually and is led by the following top management representatives:

  • Chief Environmental Officer - Agustin Martin, President & Managing Director
  • Chief Environmental Management Representative – Darren Morris, Company Secretary & Director of Finance and Systems
  • Lead Cross Company Environmental Management Representatives


We are committed to protecting and improving the environment, so we need to make sure that our entire business understands what is required and that we work together successfully to achieve our environmental goals. In addition, we have to make sure we have the correct measures in place to recognise and deal with all environmental risks.

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At Toyota GB we have been working towards a vision of transforming the landscape of our headquarters in Burgh Heath by improving and increasing the biodiversity of both plants and wildlife on site.



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Recycle My Car

Every year, two million cars are scrapped in the UK. That's enough to fill Wembley Stadium 20 times over. This creates a massive logistical and environmental challenge, which we aim to address with innovative thinking and the continued development of manufacturing and recycling processes, cutting waste while conserving precious raw materials. 


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Chemical Management

Activities related to REACH and other chemical regulations are taking place in every part of our business, including manufacturing, parts and accessories. It is our intention to become a world leader in the field of safe chemicals.




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