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We are Toyota

Toyota’s success stems from vision and dedication to a set of common principles which were previously known as the ‘Toyota Way’. 

The Toyota Way has been integral to our business since 2001. In 2020, we saw reimagined our 10 values from which we developed a new set of behaviours that we call ‘Our 6C’s’. These will support the delivery of a renewed focus on the philosophy we are aiming for at Toyota.

Our recruitment process has been designed to assess how candidates align with our 6Cs.

CONSCIOUS INCLUSION (CHOICE) - At the very core/heart of the 6Cs is the drive to create happiness for all –customers and our people. We call this inclusivity and when we get it right people make a conscious choice to work with us or do business with us because they feel heard, valued and belonging to something amazing

COURAGE - Our courage will allow us to welcome competition and stand up for our beliefs with honesty and integrity

CURIOSITY - Our natural curiosity and thorough observation through feelings will foster imagination and be the basis for strong partnerships

CREATIVITY - Through creativity we will get better and continue our quest for improvement, so that we can shatter the impossible with new possibilities and truly innovate

COLLABORATION - In the world of One Toyota we aim to act for others, see things from each others perspectives by truly collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds, showing respect to people

COACHING - By coaching each other and feeling empowered to contribute, we will create room to grow and by thanking everyone along the way, we will champion everyone’s efforts