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Public Charging

Most people choose to charge their electric car at home for convenience, when you need to charge on the go, public charging is easy too.

Where can I charge on the Toyota Public Charging Network?

Choosing where to charge

The number of chargers is growing with over 53,000* public EV chargers across the UK. Public chargers can be found at service stations, carparks, hotels and more. You may even be able to charge your electric vehicle at work.

For your daily commute and shorter journeys, you are unlikely to need to use a public charger, but it is useful to know where you can find one for longer journeys.

The Toyota Public Charging Network offers access to thousands of chargers across the UK, and provides a simple way to charge without having to download multiple apps.

* Source: How many EV charging points are there in the UK - Zapmap (zap-map.com)


Rapid & Ultra Rapid

For: Battery electric vehicles

Available as public chargers, these offer the fastest way to charge your battery electric vehicle. There are over 9,000** rapid and ultra rapid chargers across the UK.


Plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles

Much faster than a normal plug, these wall-boxes can be installed at home or found in many public and workplace car parks.


Plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles

Available through either a normal wall socket at home, or public 3 - 6kWh chargers found in places such as car parks and hotels.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

The length of time it takes to charge an electric car depends on a number of factors, including the type and size of battery, the charger you are using, and the amount of charge in the battery when you plug in.

Use our handy bZ4X charging calculator to estimate how long it would take to charge a bZ4X based on a variety of factors.

Estimate charging time

How to plug in to a charger

You will use a different cable to plug in depending on how you charge your vehicle. When you buy a Toyota electric vehicle, two cables will be included:

  • A 3 Pin Plug cable which is used for slow charging with a domestic plug.
  • A 32A Type A Mennekes cable which is used for fast charging at home with a dedicated EV charger or when you are using a fast public charger.

When you use a public rapid charger to charge your electric vehicle, the charger will have a cable fitted already, and you simply need to plug it into your vehicle.

What is the Toyota Public Charging Network?

The Toyota Public Charging Network is a subscription which gives you access to thousands of charge points

Using this service gives you a simple way to charge at thousands of charge points across the UK without having to set up alternative payment methods, or download multiple apps, making your move to electric easy.

This subscription works with your MyToyota App so you can manage all of your electric vehicle information in one place, such as costs and invoices for public charging.

Sign up to the Toyota Charging Network

Signing up is easy, have a look at our How to Guide videos, and create a My Toyota account or use your existing details.
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Compatible Models with the Toyota Charging Network

Explore our electric and Plug-in hybrid models which are compatible with the Toyota Charging Network.

What other ways can I find a public charger?

You can also use third party apps, such as Zap-Map to help find your nearest public charger station. This includes information on different public networks, charging methods and payment options.
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