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Certificates of Conformity

A Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is a certificate issued by a vehicle manufacturer as evidence that a vehicle complies with a range of standards including enviromental and safety regulations.

A number of frequently asked questions have arisen about the CoC. Scroll down to read the answers to these, and where to go for further advice.

Why do I need a Certificate of Conformity?
  • Exporting your vehicle abroad.
  • Returning to the UK with a vehicle previously registered in the UK 
  • Importing your vehicle from the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland 
  • Registering a vehicle for a Congestion Charge discount or residential permit 
  • Applying for a taxi or private hire driving licence or permit 
  • Provide evidence of the exhaust emissions standards of the vehicle

When applying for a taxi or private hire driving licence, it is the owner’s responsibility to confirm what documentation is required with the Public Carriage Office at the Transport for London. This could be either a CoC or a letter from the manufacturer confirming the Euro emissions standard of the vehicle.

We advise owners not to book an inspection with the PCO office until the necessary documents have been obtained.

How much does a Certificate of Conformity cost?

A CoC is delivered to you free of charge when you purchase a new vehicle. If you purchase a used vehicle from an official Toyota Centre you will need to request a copy of the CoC if it has not already been passed on to you by the previous owner. Owners who do not meet the above criteria will be charged £75.00 (including VAT, administration costs and postage) to receive a CoC upon request.

How do I apply for a Certificate of Conformity?

A CoC is delivered to you free of charge when you purchase a new vehicle. If you have not received your CoC you can request it through the Centre you purchased your vehicle from. Alternatively, you request a CoC directly from Toyota (GB) PLC by referring to the Toyota Guidance Notes then download a COC application form.

You will need to provide proof that you are the vehicle’s registered keeper. A copy of the full V5C ‘log book’ document should be submitted as evidence (the tear-off New Keeper slip is not accepted). If you are not the registered keeper, you can provide an official purchase invoice that clearly states your full name, address and vehicle details.

How long will it take to receive my certificate?

If your CoC is being supplied free of charge for your new vehicle, the document should be dispatched within 48 hours. If payment is required, the CoC will be dispatched between 5 to7 days after your payment via BACS has been received.

As the CoC is a legal document, it cannot be emailed and therefore will be posted to the address you have provided.

For further information and relevant application forms, please refer to the Importing and Exporting page.