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Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

We do not currently have any PCH offers but Personal Contract Hire is a way to rent a car that you don’t want to own. We provide this finance option via KINTO One in the form of fixed monthly payments, each including optional maintenance packages that help cover any repair costs.

Find out more about the features and risks of getting a car lease with Personal Contract Hire below and browse our handy frequently asked questions.
  • Key features of Personal Contract Hire

    • Contracts offer terms between 24 and 48 months, allowing you flexibility.
    • You won’t face any depreciation risks because the car belongs to KINTO.
    • Returning the car at the end of the agreement means you don’t have to organise its sale.
    • You choose how much deposit you put down at the start of the agreement
  • Risks of Personal Contract Hire

    • You must maintain the car’s condition to meet manufacturer guidelines. If you return the car in poor condition, you could be at risk of additional fees.
    • You do not own the car.
    • If you fail to make the payments set out in your agreement, your car could be repossessed, and your credit rating may be adversely affected.
    • Each car comes with an agreed mileage limit which must be adhered to, otherwise you will be charged an additional fee


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How Personal Contract Hire (PCH) works

Personal Contract Hire is a finance offer that allows you to hire a car for an extended length of time. You pay a fixed monthly fee to hire the vehicle, and throughout the length (term) of the agreement it is your responsibility to take care of it. You do not own the car and you must return it at the end of the agreement. We’ve split the process into three stages below to give a clear explanation of Personal Contract Hire:

1. Initial Rental

  • The Initial Rental is the amount you pay upfront at the start of the agreement.
  • The Initial Rental equates to the value of anywhere between 1 to 9 months rentals.

2. Monthly Rentals

  • Your monthly rentals will be fixed throughout your agreement, and they are affected by the size of your Initial Rental.
  • Once you’ve chosen the length (term) of your agreement, the rental amounts will be spread equally across the months.
  • To help keep the car within the wear and tear guidelines, optional maintenance packages can be added into the monthly rental cost. You will be expected to stick within the pre-agreed mileage limits and if you fail to do so, you will face a fee.
  • To help you manage your monthly payments, you are invited to join My Finance, a convenient way to manage your finance agreement online.

3. End of Agreement

  • Once you’ve made your final monthly rental and your agreement has come to an end, it’s time to return your car to the lender.
  • Upon its return, the car will be assessed for wear and tear against the manufacturer guidelines that were shared with you at the start of the agreement.
  • If any damage is noted beyond the usual wear and tear, you will face an additional fee.

Unsure about any finance terminology? Take a look at our finance glossary.

Personal Contract Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions on leasing a car on finance with PCH.

From 1-9 monthly rentals.

Choose a term from 24 to 48 months*


*Maximum terms vary according to car model.



Yes. You decide your annual mileage at the start of your finance agreement.



A condition of your finance agreement is that the car must be maintained in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. You can add the cost of maintenance into the monthly rental.

Because you do not own the car, the depreciation risk is taken by KINTO UK Limited.

Your finance agreement is designed to run for the full term.


No. The car remains the property of KINTO UK Limited.


You will not own the car and must return it.