1. Hybrid Electric Cars
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Toyota Hybrid Cars

When it comes to hybrid cars, Toyota has revolutionised the market for over 25 years. In that time, we have saved more than 120 million tonnes of CO₂ worldwide, compared to equivalent petrol engines. With performance and innovation in our DNA, our range of hybrids are enjoyed by over 15 million drivers globally.

Why drive Hybrid?

No need to plug in

Toyota hybrids are self-charging with no need to plug in. Simply get in, buckle up and generate power as you drive.

Drive like you always have

Toyota Hybrid cars seamlessly switch between electric energy and a blend of petrol and electric power to optimise performance, meaning you can drive like you always have.

Efficient power

Refuelling your hybrid is easy. Top up with petrol as normal at fuel stations, and the self-charging hybrid battery charges when braking or coasting.
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Explore Hybrid FAQs

Hybrid electric vehicles incorporate two energy sources, a petrol engine and an electric motor. Toyota hybrids are automatic and optimise power by seamlessly switching between electric and a blend of petrol and electric power.


When the battery runs low in a Toyota Hybrid, excess power from the engine charges it back up again. Our self-charging hybrids feature regenerative braking, so when you brake or coast, a generator produces electricity to be stored in the battery for later.


With self-charging hybrid there is no need to plug-in thanks to the self-charging battery technology.


Our plug-in hybrids can be plugged-in to charge the battery and run for an extended range using electricity alone.


Explore plug-in hybrid 

No! The great thing about Toyota hybrids, is that there is no need to plug-in, so if you are not quite ready to make the move to full electric yet, this can be a fantastic choice for you. We also have a range of plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles to explore if you do want to take the next step towards electric.

Toyota Hybrids can save you money by using less fuel through the use of the electric motor. For example, figures from Toyota Hybrid Experience show that up to 55%* of urban journeys are powered through the electric motor alone.


Not only can you save fuel, Toyota Hybrids are also more affordable to service than you may think. With parts like brake pads wearing less, as well as convenient service plans, service costs are no more expensive than a conventional car.


Explore hybrid servicing

We engineer our hybrid batteries to last. As part of a Toyota Hybrid Service, your vehicle’s hybrid system and hybrid battery will be checked by Toyota technicians to ensure it is in top condition. Having this carried out annually will mean your Toyota is eligible for a further 1 year/10,000 miles (whichever is soonest) of Hybrid Battery Extended Cover, up to a total of 15 years.
*Average percent of 357,693 combined test drive journeys spent in electric mode on Yaris, Yaris Cross, Auris, Corolla Family, RAV4 Hybrids, Highlander, Camry and Pruis family. Test drives taken nationally between 01/04/2016 and 01/08/2023 in a variety of weather and driving conditions. Test drives conducted over a total of 4,809,065 miles at an average speed of 24mph.