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Merchandise and Gift Ideas

Here at Toyota we love and care for our cars – and it seems we’re not alone! So many of you wanted more from us, we created our own fantastic range of genuine, high quality branded merchandise. From Motorsport jackets to golf bags to Mont Blanc pens, you can now get even closer to Toyota.

Authentic Toyota gift ideas for you (or someone as into Toyota as you are!)

Red tick    Cool styling

Red tick    Quality materials

Red tick    Highly detailed

Red tick    Expertly made

Red tick    Wide range of items

Red tick    Made for motorsport, Toyota Racing Division and Hybrid racing fans

Red tick    Speedy delivery

‘We’re both really into our track days so to wear the Toyota jackets as we drove around the circuit was brilliant’

Review for our 2017 Motorsport Racing Team jackets from our award-winning Toyota eBay store