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Map Updates

Wherever you’re going, keeping your Toyota Navigation System up to date is essential for real peace of mind. That way, you can be sure that the route you’re following uses the very latest map data, so you won’t be caught out by new road systems or other changes.

How do I perform a map update?

For vehicles with Touch & Go multimedia systems, please contact your local dealer.

For owners with Touch 2 with Go or other multimedia systems without Smartphone integration, you can visit our e-Store via MyToyota to download the latest map update. You’ll need a USB stick to load the update onto your multimedia unit.

For newer vehicle models with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ (2019 onwards), please visit our e-Store via MyToyota or refer to our Over-The-Air updates guide.

Benefits of Map Updates

Save stress

There are several road network changes every year, so updating your Toyota Navigation System helps ensure you are following the most accurate maps available – and that means less stress when driving.

Save fuel

With the latest map data, you can follow the most efficient route to your destination. That means fewer miles, less going round in circles and more efficient fuel consumption.

Save time

Your up-to-date Toyota Navigation System allows you to choose your route – so you can opt for the quickest or shortest journey depending on how much time you have.