In-car Multimedia

In a world of multimedia it is easy to get lost but let Toyota help you. Whether it’s connecting your phone or finding a place to eat, you can find out how to use your in-car Sat Nav and entertainment system with our easy to use video guides. Simply select the multimedia system below that was provided with your vehicle.

Multimedia FAQs

What multimedia system does my car have?

Please see the list below of current cars’ multimedia systems:

AYGO (excluding AYGO X): X-Touch/ X-touch with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Corolla: Touch 2/Touch 2 with Go

GT86: Touch 2/Touch 2 with Go

Hilux: Touch 2/Touch 2 with Go

Land Cruiser: Touch 2 with Go

Prius: Touch 2/Touch 2 with Go

Prius+: Touch 2/Touch 2 with Go

Prius Plug-in: Touch 2 with Go

PROACE: Pro Touch (Not available on Active or Combi grades) *please see Touch 2 videos.

PROACE VERSO: Pro Touch (Optional on Shuttle) *please see Touch 2 videos.

Toyota C-HR: Touch 2/Touch 2 with Go

How does Smartphone integration work?

Smartphone integration will allow supported phone applications to be mirrored on the screen this is inclusive of but not limited to; Navigation apps (Apple, Google, Waze, etc), Phone Calls, Messaging (I-message, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc). Music/Audio (Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Audible, etc). Calendar entries and Weather forecasts.

Can I use Car Play / Android Auto through Bluetooth?

No, the phone will need to be connected via a USB cable. We would advise using phone manufacturer-approved cables such as Apple lightning cable.

What should I do after I have connected my phone?

If this is your first time using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, instructions will appear on the screen asking you to accept some terms and conditions, this may also involve downloading an app to your mobile device if you are an Android user.

Will maps use all of my phone data?

When setting the destination and route, maps will use your data. However, once set, the phone will use GPRS to track the phone so data won’t be used constantly. Only when re-routing, will the phone use mobile data.

My Maps keeps saying GPRS signal lost / searching for GPRS how do I fix this?

Ensure that your phone is not in power saving or low battery mode, as this disrupts the GPRS. This can be found within the settings app on your mobile device, commonly found under the battery heading.

Can I search by postcode on the navigation?

This depends on the handset and type of maps being used. However in most cases this should be possible.

Will using Spotify / Apple Music use my mobile data?

Music apps will use mobile data unless the songs you are listening to have already been downloaded.

Do I have to press the voice recognition button to use voice commands?

This depends on the handset that you are using and which software has been downloaded. To use the functionality without pressing the button, try saying the following “OK Google”/ “Hey Siri”. With Android phones, if this doesn’t work, try downloading the google assistant app from the app store. If you have tried the above and the car still isn’t picking up the voice commands then it is likely that your handset doesn’t support the functionality for hands free voice commands.

Can I search for songs via voice command?

Yes however some handsets and music apps are better and finding requests than others.

If I don’t have internet can I still use the navigation?

No, unless you have already plotted the route when you phone was connected to the internet, or unless you have downloaded the offline maps. See google maps website for details.

Can I use Google Maps on an Apple device?

Yes, however the phone will automatically try to use Apple maps so you will have to select Google maps manually.

I am concerned about my privacy. How will my messages appear in the car whilst I’m driving?

When you receive a message the system will notify you by displaying a pop up on the screen, for example “WhatsApp Message from Lloyd”. The car won’t read the message aloud until someone clicks on the message on the screen.

How do I send a message whilst driving?

Messages must be sent using voice commands in order to keep the driver focused on the road, an example of how to do this would be “Ok Google / Hey Siri text Mum” the car will then reply ok what’s the message, then say aloud the message you would like to be sent, the car will then read this back to you so you can check you’ve been heard correctly. Then car will then ask you if you would like to send or change your message.

Would other people in the car be able to use the voice activation?

Yes, unless you have coded your phone to your voice, see phone manufacture website to see if this is possible for your device.

How do I check the weather whilst driving?

Using the voice commands you should be able to say “Ok Google / Hey Siri what’s the weather like in [Location] today?”