14th Dream Car Contest 2020

Toyota is once again inviting children to use their boundless imaginations to design fantastic vehicles for the future in the 2020 Dream Car Art Competition. Not limited to just cars, children can use their creative talents to come up with any form of transport or technology that gives people the freedom of movement, on land, sea or air, while protecting and sustaining the world’s natural environment.

Who can enter?
You have to live in the UK and fit into one of these three age categories: Under 8s; 8-11 year olds; 12-15 year olds. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the contest, too. Maybe work on this over the Christmas holidays with your friends.*

Judging criteria:
1. Message - Is the theme and concept expressed easily to understand?
2. Uniqueness - Are dreams expressed with a unique viewpoint? (E.g. not a portrait of a car model).
3. Art characteristics - Is the design drawn and expressed solidly? (structure, colour and technique).

What could I win?
There will be gold, silver and bronze winners in each age category in the national competition. They will be invited to a special prize-giving ceremony at Toyota’s headquarters in February. Prizes will include iPads, tablets and Toyota goody bags. Winning entries will also go forward for consideration in the global competition and the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to Japan in 2021.

What are the key dates?
The competition closes 20th January 2020 and the finalists will be announced on the 10th February 2020. The ceremony day held at TGB Headquarters in Burgh Heath - 28th February 2020.

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Keen to get involved?
If you're thinking of entering and need a little inspiration, take a look at 2019’s finalists in the below gallery.

2019 Dream Car Art Contest Finalist’s

Under 8's

The winner's of the under 8's category are:

Samuel Debenham, 5 (Gold) Hope for the Homeless – This car can go anywhere – land or sea – collecting homeless people from special stops around the world. It has a medical room, café and bedrooms!

Melina Xyloyiannis, 5 (Silver) Doggy Van – Melina was inspired to create the ‘Doggy Van’ after seeing a dog walking company’s van that had no windows, just cages for the dogs. Her van is designed so all the doggies are happy, they can play, eat, drink and see outside!

Sophia Liakopoulou, 7 (Bronze) Toyo Traffic Helper – The Toyo Traffic Helper is designed to help emergency services go through heavy traffic!

Under 8's Gold award winner Samuel Debenham with 'Hope for the Homeless'

The winner's of the 8-11's category are:

Lev Griffin, 10 (Gold) Urban Car - Lev's car is designed to solve the London housing crisis. It is raised off the ground so it can skip traffic. It houses several apartments. It gets its energy through exercise machines, solar panels and rain water.

Daria Protopopova, 9 (Silver) Sky Doctor Swirl - It flies to where the ozone holes are by the anti-gravity engine. It sucks the greenhouse gases into the eco-sphere. The rainforest inside cleans and turns them into healthy oxygen, healing the ozone layer and protecting the life on Earth from radiation.

Eleanor Grattoni-May, 10 (Bronze) The Toyota Ongaku (音楽) - The Toyota Ongaku uses the power of music as its fuel. As the car travels, it produces music waves. These magical sounds bring calm where there is turmoil, unity where there is division, peace where there is war, laughter where there are tears and respect where there is contempt. The music causes the aurora to dance as it leaves the earth's atmosphere and is dispersed, breathing life and soul into the universe.

8-11's Gold Award winner Lev Griffin with 'Urban Car'

The winners of the 12-15's category are:

Ayesha Taniya, 12 (Gold) The Future of Animal Protection - This car travels all around the world saving endangered animals from deforestation. It helps clean the environment so that everyone can live peacefully. Inside the care it is an animal shelter for unwell animals.

Shayna Gail Velasquez, 14 (Silver) Toyota Quantum 2080GT - Named after her favourite 2000 GT model, she attempted to create a time machine which could take her to the future to discover and document breakthroughs in medicine and exploration that will assist the present civilisation and mankind.

Valentina Baranova, 13 (Bronze) London’s Digitherapy - My car deals with a common issue in Great Britain and other countries: mental health for teenagers. The vehicle is a support centre for struggling teens and provides a place to share problems. There are many rooms, like rooms to relax, and to be calm. It will be useful as it gives free support and help. Its eco-friendly engine runs on waste and allows it to travel between towns quickly.

For more information about the global competition, please click here.

Under 15's Gold Award winner Ayesha Taniya with ‘The Future of Animal Protection’.

*All entrants must live in the UK. Full competition terms and conditions, can be found at the found here.