Win a trip to Japan

Here at Toyota we’re always thinking ahead, wondering what the cars of the future will look like. It takes a lot of imagination to think of new designs, so we’ve decided to ask the people who might one day be driving those cars – you!

What would the best car in the world look like?
Would it be powered by sweet wrappers to help recycle rubbish? Perhaps it would have chocolate seats so you could eat them if you got hungry. Maybe it would have really long arms so you could do your shopping without getting out of the car

What do I have to do?
Simply draw or paint your dream car and make sure it has a cool background so we can imagine what it’d look like on the road, or in the sky, or even underground… Don’t forget to tell us how your car works and why it’s the best car in the world. Please don’t use a computer to do it – that’s cheating! And the paper you use must be A3 in size*.

With a little bit of creativity (and lots of felt tips, crayons, pencils, paper and paint), you could be on your way to Japan for the 2019 Toyota Dream Car final.

*Make sure the paper you use measures between 270-300mm x 420-450mm.

Under 15 Gold Award winner Jannah Hossain with her artwork ‘Help Is Coming’.

How long do I have to create my design?
The deadline for entries is Monday 21st January 2019. If your artwork is lucky enough to be shortlisted, you will be invited to an awards ceremony at Toyota (GB) Headquarters in Epsom in February. We wish you good luck!

8-11 Gold Award winner Biba Mills with her ‘The Tidying Turtle’.

Any questions...
If you have any questions about this year’s Dream Car competition, drop us an email at Full terms and conditions of the competition can be found in the entry form further down the page.

Who can enter?
You have to live in the UK and fit into one of these three age categories: Under 8s; 8-11 year olds; 12-15 year olds. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the contest, too. You could even ask your teacher to turn it into a class project.

Under Eight Gold Award winner Cecile Catchpole with ‘The Happy Van’.

What could I win?

 First, you’ll be entered into our UK competition with an iPad up for grabs in each age category and a UK awards ceremony on Friday 22nd February 2019. Then, the winners of each category will be entered into our worldwide art contest. If your design makes the final, you could be jetting off to Japan on a trip of a lifetime for the world-final ceremony in 2019 to see your design turned into a real 3D model. You will also get the chance to meet design experts, visit the Toyota Museum of Industry and Technology and look around Toyota’s impressive car plant. Find out more about what you could win in this interview with a past winner.


How do I send in my design? 
Fill in the entry form then post your design and completed form to us at: 

Dream Car Art Contest, 
Toyota GB plc, 
Codestorm House, 
Walton Road, 
Hants PO6 1TR. 

Make sure a parent or guardian signs the entry form, too.

Help! I’m not sure what to draw…
Need some inspiration? Here are some of the best entries from our previous competitions. Have a think about what your futuristic car might be made of. Will it be made of recycled material? How will it work? What cool features will it have? Or take a bit of inspiration from 2018 Dream Car winners below in this gallery.