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‘The very idea of this car promises big. It is a compact, supermini-sized package with an engine and drivetrain that lift it way out of the hot supermini niche. It has lightweight aluminium and carbonfibre-composite panels, and all-independent suspension and aerodynamics that have been developed with the help of designers and engineers from Toyota’s WRC team.

The GR Yaris is of a performance breed that you might have unconsciously consigned to history.

The GR Yaris [is] a pint-sized champion among affordable, road-going, any-weather drivers’ cars.’

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‘Toyota’s new road-going rally special is a driver’s car of the type we worried we’d never see again—and it’s a little gem.

It feels much stronger than the figures suggest: with the benefit of complete traction not a single one of those turbocharged horses is wasted, and the performance is further boosted by some nicely stacked hear ratios that aren’t too long.

You’ll struggle not to drive everywhere with a massive grin on your face. It’s also effortless everyday transport, and deeply cool if you know what you’re looking at.’

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The Telegraph

‘Simply stunning; grippy and great fun, it provides all the sensations of a rally car in a road-going package. Every drive in the GR Yaris is going to feel special and it all comes with Toyota’s legendary reliability.

It looks quite extraordinary, all front end with huge intakes to feed air into that gulping engine and through the inlet-charge coolers. The upholstery is a lovely suede-like material and the plastics are soft to the touch.

…My initial thoughts were that a three-cylinder engine wouldn’t be strong enough for this, but they were allayed when the road opened up.’

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Top Gear

'The gutsy GR Yaris is our Hot Hatch of the Year. It harks back to an era when rallying ruled the world and spawned superb road cars. Two decades on, that template is still just as relevant.'

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