Made by Motomachi

When you need to assemble a truly bespoke sports car like the GR Yaris, there's only one place you want your creation to come alive: Motomachi, Japan. The birthplace of legends such as the Supra A80, Motomachi is now home to the first GR production line, ready to hand-build a hot hatch like no other.

Being handmade by experts means that each GR Yaris takes over 10 times longer to be assembled than a conventional mass-produced car. The production line has been stream lined for performance, with elements such as body alignment check and additional welding ensuring that each GR Yaris is built with meticulous care and attention. Just as any bespoke racing machine should.

The Toyota GR Yaris is no normal hot hatch, incorporating knowledge and technology born from WRC.

You're just a few steps away from building your own Toyota Gazoo racing inspired GR Yaris.

Choose your grade, select your colour and browse the options all from the comfort of your own home.

Following unprecedented demand in 2021, the waiting list for the GR Yaris is now open.
The GR Yaris is born from WRC and built for performance driving. Taking your car on track does not invalidate any of your warranty benefits.

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Toyota Roadside Assistance

Our experts have designed your Toyota, whatever the year or model, to be as reliable and dependable as possible. But things can go wrong – especially when bad weather and poor road conditions are added to the mix. Wherever you are in the UK or Europe Toyota Roadside Assistance will be there for you 24/7 and all new cars include 12 months roadside assistance.

Assistance in the UK: 0800 246 824 or 01737 500 021

Assistance in Europe: 00 44 1737 500 023

Enquiries and renewals: 0344 701 6201

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No need to worry about damage to your Toyota GR Yaris. With our trained technicians ready to service, we will fix the issue no matter how large or small and we only use guaranteed Toyota parts.

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