BP Chargemaster
The perfect partner for Prius Plug-in

The Prius Plug-in's home charging unit, in partnership with BP Chargemaster, now comes with free home installation.*§


Free home charge unit*§

The Prius Plug-in is the smartest Hybrid car you can choose and now Toyota offers new owners a safe and stylish charging point installed at home*, Free!§

POLAR NetworkOnce installed you can then apply for a POLAR Network Card, giving you access to over 5,000 charging points in key locations across the UK.

*Assumes the installation of a non-communicating BP Chargemaster "First" 3,6kW Homecharge unit with standard domestic installation costs. Standard installation costs include a cable run under 15 meters to be fixed flush to the wall (cable not trenched or hidden behind walls, through joists, under tiles/carpets/floorboards, aerial or subterranean runs), with the installation carried out by one man within 6 hours. Prices also assume that correct electrical connections and protections are available on the property, and that no civil works or electrical remedial works are required.

Installation carried out in accordance with 65767117th edition wiring regulations, IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation 2nd Edition, and any relevant subsequent amendments thereof. You can choose to upgrade your charger to a BP Chargemaster "Premium" 3.6kW Homecharge unit for a cost of £95 (incl VAT), which will give you three years' free access to the Homecharge electric usage data. Subject to Ts&Cs.

§To confirm your eligibility for the Toyota Homecharge unit offer (and meeting the qualifying criteria for the OLEV (Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme) subsidy of £500.00 (including VAT) please see www.chargemasterplc.com/prius.

Benefits of the BP Chargemaster Homecharge unit

Weather proof Stylish and robust for indoor and outdoor use.


Built in charge cableBuilt in 4.5 metre charge cable.


Easy to useConnect your car and you're fully charged in 2.4 hours.


3 year warrantyIncluding parts and labour.

How to order

Once you have ordered your new Prius Plug-in simply apply for your free Homecharge unit.§

An advisor will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail, and arrange a suitable installation date with you. Click below for more information or to apply for your unit.

Apply for your unit

In detail

Toyota is working in partnership with BP Chargemaster, a UK company and the leading provider of charging solutions across the UK and Europe.

Your free charging point§ will be installed by professionally qualified technicians and all units are fully tested by Toyota ensuring compatibility with your Toyota Prius Plug-in.

The charging unit

The BP Chargemaster Homecharge unit has a 3.6 kW capacity that charges your new Prius Plug-in from flat-to-full in only 2 hours.^

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, all you need to be eligible** for free installation is to live in a home with modern household electrics and have off-street parking.


^Approximate charge duration with Mennekes cable.

**The key qualifying criteria for a subsidised homecharger is to prove ownership/ primary use of a plug-in vehicle, live in a home with modern household electrical installation and have a private driveway, garage or allocated parking space. Finally you need to agree that you will not be claiming back the VAT on the installation and that you meet the OLEV EVHS eligibility criteria.

BP Chargemaster for business users

Plug-in business users are also eligible for the free Homecharge Unit. Business users must obtain proof from their employer that they will be the main driver of that particular vehicle, for at least 6 months. Once this has been proven, and subject to survey, BP Chargemaster will be able to install the charging kit at the home of the user.

If the circumstances of the vehicle’s user change, and they no longer have control of the vehicle for the minimum 6 months period, the user must inform OLEV via the email at chargepoint.grants@olev.gsi.gov.uk.The following downloadable document provides further guidance for business users, specifically under section 2 of the Annex D document.

Published: 21 March 2017

Information correct at time of publication.