New Corolla 2.0 litre Hybrid

Enhanced driving performance, less emissions

New Corolla. New hybrid power.

The New Corolla features the next-generation of Toyota’s hybrid technology, so you’d expect it to give you better fuel efficiency and lower emissions than a regular petrol car. The 1.8 hybrid engine offers excellent efficiency, but with a 2.0 litre now added to the range, you might be surprised at how much this adds to enhance the driving experience.

But don’t just take our word for it. What Car? deem it to be “the most tempting proposition to try hybrid”, citing the “pleasantly punchy” performance and “super-frugal fuel consumption”.

Auto Express voted it “Best Affordable Hybrid 2019”.

Tested by What Car? readers

We know What Car? readers are a tough bunch to impress. So we invited them to a special test drive day where they put the New Corolla 2.0 litre through its paces. Take a look to see what they thought.

Or book a test drive to experience it for yourself.

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A great choice for a company car

The New Corolla 2.0 litre offers a combination of responsiveness and lower emissions.

As the What Car? readers discovered, 180 horsepower gives you the acceleration and drive that you need on the road while, at the same time, Toyota’s self-charging hybrid technology ensures lower CO2 emissions.

These low emissions mean much lower taxes. It’s especially beneficial for company car drivers, so if you’re looking for an efficient but rewarding drive, find out how much you could save using our Company Car Tax Calculator.

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How does Hybrid work?

As a driver, you just drive it like any other automatic. Meanwhile, the Toyota Hybrid switches seamlessly between pure electric power at low speeds to petrol power when speeds increase. Energy is recaptured during driving and braking, which means you never have to plug it in. In fact, many people who have test driven a Toyota Hybrid have found they have achieved over 50% of the time in zero emission mode.

If you’ve got further questions about Hybrid – take a look at our FAQ here.

2.0 litre Hybrid. Choose the space you need.


- A natural and spirited drive
- Designed to impress
- A sense of style
- Safety as standard

Touring Sports

- Smart, practical and versatile
- Stylish interior
- Very spacious boot
- Safety as standard


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