Introducing the Toyota bZ Series

Inspiring possibilities that go beyond Zero

Welcome to the Toyota bZ series, a new sub brand of Toyota and the dawn of an exciting era. This diverse family of next generation battery electric models go beyond zero-emission electric vehicles, because they are designed around you, reducing the impact that mobility has on the environment to zero, but then going further. Inspiring endless possibilities to change your future and make driving smoother and more fun.

That's truly Beyond Zero.


The birth of a game-changer

Our electrification journey started in 1997 with the Prius, the world’s first mass-production Hybrid-Electric car. In that time, it has gone on to become the best-selling self-charging Hybrid car in the world.


The right electric power for everyone

By pushing the boundaries of electrification, we’ve been able to develop four generations of Hybrid-Electric technology, as well as introduce revolutionary Plug-in Hybrid and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric powertrains.


Experience that stands us apart

The combination of over 20 years’ electrification leadership and our well-known quality, durability and reliability has ensured our electric powertrains deliver class-leading efficiency and a very competitive driving range.


An electric past, an electrifying future

To date, we’ve sold more than 17 million electrified vehicles around the world, saving around 140 million tonnes of CO2. By 2025, we aim to introduce 15 Battery-Electric vehicles, including seven Toyota bZ models.

The Road Beyond Zero

Toyota bZ models will also help us achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, enabling us to neutralise CO2 emissions from the entire ‘lifecycle’ of the vehicle, from manufacturing to distribution, recycling to end of life disposal.

Human-centric design, better mobility for all

With Toyota bZ, we’re looking beyond zero emissions. Thanks to a dedicated electric vehicle platform born from human-centric thinking, the Toyota bZ series goes further, to transform lives and experiences. Whether it’s enhancing how you move, elevating how you interact with the world around you, contributing to the environment or even creating a better society, this is mobility to be loved by all.


Through the use of regenerative and solar energy, Toyota bZ will reduce emissions and contribute positively to the environment.


Through a dedicated electric vehicle platform and by incorporating advanced equipment and intelligent connectivity, Toyota bZ delivers a driving experience that’s fun, secure and safer.


Through their spacious and quiet cabins, Toyota bZ provides a relaxing environment for you and your loved ones. Spending time here brings new, more enjoyable ways to connect with others.


Through zero-emission mobility and smart solutions, Toyota bZ creates a safer society where everyone enjoys greater peace of mind.

Meet the Toyota bZ4X Concept

Built on over 20 years' electrification expertise, the Toyota bZ4X Concept offers the first glimpse into the future of our new Battery-Electric family. Blending dynamic SUV design with genuine all-wheel-drive capability, the concept showcases our dedication to deliver an electric vehicle experience without compromise when sales begin in mid-2022.

A true all-wheel-drive SUV

The Toyota bZ4X Concept delivers genuine off-road capability and all-weather peace of mind. Its all-wheel-drive system, offers a truly exciting driving experience.

A drive with real connection

A digital instrument display above the steering wheel allows drivers to fully focus on the road ahead.

A new dimension in design

Thanks to our experience in battery technology, the Toyota bZ4X Concept’s larger, more powerful battery has been engineered for reliable, lasting performance, maintaining its driving range even in cold climates.


For us, truly good design is about creating a new experience for our customers. That’s why the Toyota bZ4X Concept is a vehicle for more than just getting from A to B; it serves as a comfortable and connected space where you can enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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