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Toyota Hybrid SUV Range

Combining all the practicality of our great SUVs with the efficiency of our modern Toyota Hybrid engines. No matter which hybrid SUV model you choose, RAV4 Hybrid or Toyota C-HR Hybrid, you’ll enjoy distinct styling, flexible design and impressive fuel economy.

1. Will a Toyota Hybrid SUV save me money?

The good news is that all hybrid vehicles save money because at slower speeds, or in slow moving traffic, they use only their electric engines for power. Toyota Hybrid SUVs are just the same as they have both an electric engine, along with a conventional petrol engine – so when the electric engine is being used, the conventional engine uses no fuel at all.

The chief advantage of any Toyota hybrid is that it is able to recharge its battery through normal driving and braking. The Toyota hybrid SUV simply generates its own electricity as it moves and is able to recharge itself and store any excess in its hybrid battery.


Toyota has two best selling Hybrid SUVs; the C-HR Hybrid and the RAV4 Hybrid, each of which features the latest in advanced hybrid powertrains. SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) are noted for having distinctive differences over saloon cars, namely a higher driving position, optional four-wheel drive, larger carrying capacity and a rugged ‘go-anywhere’ appeal.

On the whole, SUVs are heavier than saloon cars so the improved fuel economy and low emissions that hybrid technology brings, makes them even more attractive. As well as saving on fuel and charging costs, SUV hybrids also have lower emissions than petrol or diesel cars and will not incur some of the higher tax and toxicity charges applying to conventionally powered vehicles. Toyota’s hybrid SUVs also cost no more to service than comparable conventionally powered SUVs.

2. What’s the Fuel Efficiency of Hybrid SUVs?

The RAV4 Hybrid SUV with a 2.5 litre engine can return a combined fuel consumption figure of up to 57.6mpg, with emissions of just 115 g/km. The C-HR Hybrid with a 1.8 litre engine can return a combined fuel consumption figure of up to 74.3 mpg, with emissions of just 86g/km. If most of your driving is in built-up areas, travelling at slower speeds, then your fuel consumption will be even lower as you’ll be using your electric engine more.

The great thing about hybrids is that their electric and conventional engines work in tandem. When your conventional engine needs fuel you just fill up as usual. When the hybrid battery runs low, excess power from the conventional engine charges it back up again. To add to that, whenever you brake, energy is recycled to charge the battery too – so nothing gets wasted.

3. Is a Toyota Hybrid SUV reliable?

Toyota has rolled out its hybrid technology across a wide range of its vehicles and pioneered the world’s first hybrid production car, the Prius, some 20 years ago. Today there are over 10 million people worldwide who are driving a Toyota hybrid vehicle and that figure is increasing rapidly for Toyota Hybrid SUVs too.

The RAV4 Hybrid, and the C-HR Hybrid, like all of Toyota’s cars are covered by a standard 5 year or 100,000 miles extended care. On top of the generous 5 year Warranty, customers can benefit from our Hybrid battery extended care which ensures an additional year or 10,000 miles (whichever comes sooner) of cover. This can be renewed up to the 10th anniversary of the car's registration, with no limit on total mileage. Toyota Hybrid Battery Cover is included when you have a Hybrid Electric Service carried out on your vehicle.

4. What’s a typical Hybrid SUV repair bill?

Hybrid technology is highly sophisticated and yet any Toyota hybrid vehicle is no more or less expensive to service and maintain than any comparable conventional car. As long as your C-HR Hybrid or RAV4 Hybrid is properly serviced and maintained by one of the 200 approved Toyota dealerships across the UK, it has been designed to provide smooth, trouble free motoring for its lifetime.

Toyota offers three comprehensive service levels for the RAV4 Hybrid and C-HR Hybrid: 1. ‘Intermediate’, from £185.00; 2. ‘Full’, from £335 and 3. ‘Full Plus’ from £395.00. Naturally, any specific repair work as result of accident damage, just like any vehicle, would have to be assessed and billed accordingly outside of your servicing.

Toyota also offers a number of highly competitive Service Plans from just £15 per month that cover your servicing costs per annum to allow you to budget ahead. You can even choose how long you want these service plans to run too and there are no hidden charges. When it comes to tyres getting worn and needing replacement, SUV Hybrids are no different to any other vehicle. Once again, Toyota offers good value and has a tyre price match guarantee in place.

This means your Toyota dealer will price match the cost of any tyre you can find locally within 30 days. What’s more, you’ll also be offered a totally free puncture repair service if your tyre can be safely repaired to save you money. Owners of the C-HR Hybrid and RAV4 Hybrid can take advantage of a Hybrid Electric Service which cost the same as a conventional service but includes hybrid specific checks at no additional cost which are carried out by one of our trained Hybrid Electric Specialists.


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