Extended Warranty

If you’re looking for car ownership with complete peace of mind, then we’ll provide you with an extended warranty for your new, approved used or used Toyota.

This is one of the most comprehensive warranties available anywhere and covers everything you’ll need from car hire to hotel expenses, from MOT cover to body repairs.

Buy 12 months cover and get 12 months free.

Toyota extended warranties are available for a 12 month period or 15,000 miles (whichever comes first) but for a limited period only and for the same price, you can take advantage of 24 months cover or 30,000 miles (whichever comes first). All repairs are undertaken by an Approved Toyota Centre, using genuine Toyota parts.

Key Benefits of the Toyota Extended Warranty

In addition to 24 months’ peace of mind for the price of 12 months, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Two FREE MOTs
    Two FREE MOTs over the course of your warranty period.
  • FREE Toyota Roadside Assistance
    Free Toyota Roadside Assistance in the UK and Europe provided by the AA.
  • 5 Day Car Hire
    If you can’t drive your vehicle because a covered part has failed, you can claim up to 5 days car hire to a maximum of £45 per day (including VAT), after the first 24 hours.
  • Hotel Expense Cover
    If repair or replacement of a protected part takes more than 24 hours from arrival at a Toyota Dealer and you are more than 20 miles from home, our Extended Warranty can pay up to £150 (inc VAT) towards one night’s accommodation, including breakfast.
  • An MOT warranty to pay for repairs if your car fails the MOT test
    If your vehicle fails an MOT, a Toyota Extended Warranty protects against unexpected repair bills. As long as the vehicle is repaired and passes, we will pay for parts and labour, up to the vehicle’s purchase price. All you’ll pay is the original MOT test fee and the first £10 of any repair costs covered by the Extended Warranty.

How to extend your warranty

Vehicles must be serviced and inspected by a Toyota Dealer at least once a year (or more frequently for high mileage drivers), on accordance with the recommended service schedule. Extend your warranty online or contact your local dealer to find out more.


What's covered?

The mechanical or electrical failure of a protected part. This includes:
  • engine components
  • clutch kit (except for wear & tear)
  • gearbox manual transmission
  • front wheel drive unit
  • rear axle
  • prop shaft
  • suspension
  • fuel system
  • diesel injection systems
  • electronic ignition
  • electrics
  • oil leaks
  • cooling system
  • steering
  • braking system
  • turbo charger
  • air conditioning
  • casings
In addition there is cover for the replacement of covered parts which result in the failure of an MOT test.

What's not covered

The principal exclusions are:
  • consumable items
  • drive belt adjustments
  • brake and clutch adjustments
  • the replacement of parts due to wear & tear
  • replacements due to breakages or impact
  • lights, bulbs and headlight adjustment
  • window or door lock adjustments
  • paintwork and bodywork
  • battery (the high voltage battery on hybrid vehicles is covered)
  • interior and exterior trim
  • corrosion to the exhaust
  • road wheels

Commitment & Choice

What is Toyota's commitment?

A Toyota Extended Warranty is substantially similar to the warranty you get with a brand new car, but it applies to the car you own already, whether you were the first owner or you bought it used. The Toyota Extended Warranty can be renewed until the vehicle is 12 years old or 100,000 miles (at the point of sale of the extended warranty) , and if a part covered by the Toyota Extended Warranty suffers electrical or mechanical failure at any time during the term, Toyota is committed to fixing it. You don't pay for replacement parts or labour.

Is there a mileage restriction?

Toyota extended warranties are available for a 12 month period or 15,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Service & Repairs

What does Toyota expect in return?

Your car must be serviced and inspected by an Authorised Toyota Service Centre at least once a year or more frequently for high mileage use, as set out in your service record booklet. Regular servicing means your car is safer, more reliable and more enjoyable to drive. It can also help to increase the car's value when you come to sell it. Book a service online today.

Who carries out repairs?

Any Authorised Toyota Service Centre will carry out repair work for you under a Toyota Extended Warranty, so you can choose who you deal with. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Toyota trained technicians will fit only Toyota genuine parts. Find out more about genuine parts.

What happens if my car is off the road?

Our Toyota Extended Warranty is designed to keep you on the road. If your car cannot be driven or cannot be driven without causing damage to it because a covered part has failed, you can claim up to five days car hire to a maximum of £45 a day (including VAT) after the first 24 hours excluding the cost of consumables.

What happens if the car fails an MOT test?

In the unlikely event that your car fails an MOT test, a Toyota Extended Warranty will protect you against the cost of repairing or replacing the protected part whose failure led to your car failing its MOT test. As long as the car is repaired within 30 days of the failed MOT and then passes its MOT, your Toyota Extended Warranty will pay for the repair or replacement of covered parts, up to the car's purchase price. You will have to pay the first £10 of any repair plus all MOT test fees. Find out more about MOTs.

Roadside Assistance

What is Toyota Roadside Assistance?

Away from home

What happens away from home?

If you break down more than 20 miles away from home and your car can't be driven or repaired within 24 hours by an Authorised Toyota Service Centre, your Toyota Extended Warranty will minimise inconvenience by allowing you to claim one night's hotel accommodation up to £150 (including VAT).

What about Europe?

Your Toyota Extended Warranty will also cover your repair bills in most European countries. You pay for the repair and reclaim the cost when you return to the UK.

Payment & Claims

Is a Toyota Extended Warranty transferable?

Yes, Toyota Extended Warranties are fully transferable. For a fee of £20, a new owner can enjoy the same benefits if you decide to sell your car during the Toyota Extended Warranty's lifetime – giving a genuine boost to the car's resale value.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, our easy payment terms allow you to purchase a 12 month Toyota Extended Warranty over a 10 month period and a 24 month Toyota Extended Warranty over 12 months by direct debit, at no extra charge. You can also pay by credit or debit card, or by cheque.

How do I claim?

Just take your car and the Toyota Extended Warranty schedule to any Authorised Toyota Service Centre. They will have the work approved quickly and it won't cost you a penny. There are no limits on individual claims as long as the total value of your claims does not exceed the price you originally paid for the car.

What are the pricing options?

For all pricing details and payment methods contact your Authorised Toyota Service Centre today, or telephone the Toyota Warranty office on 0330 100 3312
Your completed application form should be returned to:
Toyota Warranty Office,
The Apsen Building,
Floor 2, Vantage Point Business Village,
Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, GL17 0AF.

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