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Toyota Roadside Assistance
Terms and Conditions of Membership

  1. Under these terms and conditions only UK specification Toyota vehicles are classified as 'eligible' vehicles.
  2. Where a paid Toyota Roadside Assistance member changes their vehicle for another eligible vehicle, for which free membership is given, they must inform Toyota, who will issue a new Toyota Roadside Assistance card for the new eligible vehicle with the membership period plus any residual period remaining.
  3. Where a paid Toyota Roadside Assistance member changes their vehicle for a non-eligible vehicle, Toyota Roadside Assistance membership will be rendered null and void. Toyota will refund a proportion of the subscription paid by the member, on a pro-rata basis for the unexpired period of membership, subject at all times to Toyota retaining an amount of £15 for administrative purposes.
  4. Complimentary Toyota Roadside Assistance membership remains with the original vehicle to which it is first applied and cannot be transferred to another vehicle. Membership will automatically pass to the new owner should the vehicle be sold or transferred during the period of complimentary membership.
  5. Eligibility to use the AA services:
    a. A member may use the roadside assistance services offered by Toyota Roadside Assistance whilst driving a registered vehicle, as may any other motorist driving that vehicle with the member's consent.
    b. The registered vehicle is that vehicle whose registration number has been notified to Toyota Roadside Assistance.
  6. Delivery of roadside assistance and breakdown services are the sole responsibility of the AA.
  7. Where there are valid operational or commercial reasons for doing so, and subject to AA and Toyota Roadside Assistance management acting reasonably at all times, AA and Toyota Roadside Assistance management have the power to add, vary or amend the terms and conditions at any time and any such addition, variation or amendment shall become effective upon Toyota Roadside Assistance giving the member one month's notice in writing or upon the member's renewal date (whichever shall be the earlier). A member not prepared to accept such addition, variation or amendment shall advise Toyota Roadside Assistance management in writing within the one month notice period and Toyota Roadside Assistance shall pay a refund of the membership on a prorata basis for the period between the end of the notice period and the member's renewal date.
  8. Toyota Roadside Assistance, its employees and agents will exercise all reasonable skill and care in the provision of goods and services and cannot accept responsibility because of any failure to meet any higher duty or standard.
  9. Toyota Roadside Assistance management accept no responsibility for losses which are beyond its control or over which it has no control of the consequences or which it could not avoid by the exercise of reasonable care.
  10. At Toyota Roadside Assistance management's sole discretion, (at all times acting reasonably) service may be refused where a member's use of, or request for, that service is deemed by Toyota Roadside Assistance management to be excessive, unreasonable or impractical.
  11. Offers are subject to review and can be changed or withdrawn at any time.
Toyota Roadside Assistance £61 Family discount Offer
£61 offer applies only where there is another full-paying member in the same household.

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