Gender Pay Gap Report



Introduction & Commitment:

Toyota (GB) PLC is the sales and marketing company for Toyota and Lexus in the UK.

We wholeheartedly believe that diversity is critical to our future success. We look for input, impact and innovation from a range of talented people, irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or any other personal characteristic.

We pay men and women the same for work of equal value, and we regularly carry out internal and external benchmarking to ensure that this continues to be the case. We have a legacy Gender Pay Gap, but are taking proactive steps to ensure that, without discrimination of any kind, we continue to close the gap and help all our employees fulfil their maximum potential.

Extraordinary levels of engagement – Employer of choice:

Our employees have consistently told us that they have Extraordinary levels of engagement, as measured by the Best Companies to Work For list. We are proud to have maintained this level over a number of years, and to have featured in the Sunday Times Top 100 list every year since 2015.

We want to be a company that people choose to work for, and choose to stay with. Our staff retention and engagement levels show that people love working here, and value the development and investment that they receive over the course of their career with TGB. We are continuing to develop the best possible employee experience, to enable everyone to be their best at work.

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The Difference between Equal Pay & Gender Pay Gap

Equal Pay

Equal Pay is the right for men and women to be paid the same, when doing the same or equivalent work.

Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap is the average percentage difference between all men’s and all women's hourly pay, regardless of their role or level.


Closing the Gender Pay Gap


Traditionally the automotive industry has been less attractive to women, meaning that we need to work harder to attract female talent. We are consciously reviewing the way that we advertise vacancies to ensure that we do not inadvertently discourage women from applying.

We have increased the use of social media platforms to help people outside TGB to understand the type of employer we are, what we offer, and how we can help them to be their best.

We continue to link with external organisations to support our work, including the 30% club and the Automotive 30% club, as well as investing in ongoing development to enable our female employees to address any barriers to developing their careers. These internal and external networks help us to share knowledge and best practice, as well as to attract, engage, develop and retain great talent, increasing the levels of women in our business.

Toyota (GB) PLC’s gender gap aspiration

We want TOYOTA (GB) PLC to be an Employer of Choice as a company that people choose to work for and that people are happy to have chosen.

It is critical, therefore, that we continue to improve our gender mix by ensuring we attract more female candidates, and encourage and facilitate a higher proportion of women progressing through the organisation, which inevitably will close the Gender Pay Gap.

Our aspiration, therefore, without any form of positive discrimination, is for 30% of senior roles to be filled by women by 2030.




The information in TGB’s Gender Pay Gap Report comes from a data snapshot taken on 5th April of the relevant year. This information is a fair and accurate representation of TGB’s Gender Pay Gap.
Paul Van der Burgh, President & Managing Director, Toyota (GB) PLC