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Toyota SMART Cover

Minor dents, chips and scuffs. They’re all part of driving. However with Toyota SMART Cover, your pride and joy is covered with our insurance for minor body damage. So the next time your pristine bodywork gets a scratch, just have it professionally repaired. Claiming on SMART doesn’t affect your motor insurance or no-claims bonus and it can help maximise the resale value of your Toyota!

Which panels of my car are covered?
What's included?

Up to 30 days to register your claim on the phone, online or using our smart phone app.

Professional repairs for minor body damage including:

  • Scratches and scuffs up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm deep
  • Dents up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm deep
  • Stone chips up to 5mm in diameter and 1.5mm deep

Toyota SMART Cover also offers a £250 body shop contribution in the event an eligible area of damage cannot be repaired at your chosen location using minor cosmetic damage repair technology.

For a full list of what is and is not covered, please refer to the policy wording.
Some exclusions are listed below under the frequently asked questions section.


How Many Claims can I make on my Toyota SMART Cover policy?

Each individual claim is limited to £560, with an aggregate limit of £3,000 over the term of your Toyota SMART Cover Policy.

Do I have to pay an excess?

Please refer to your policy wording for more information about any applicable excess on this product.

How do I claim?

When you become aware of any minor damage, this must be reported within 30 days by contacting the Claims line on 0800 77 8713. The claims team will talk you through the simple steps to assess your claim and arrange your repair.

Alternatively, you can claim by downloading the SMART insurance app. To download please visit your app store for iPhone or Android.

Will my motor insurance no-claims bonus be affected if I make a claim?

No. Toyota SMART cover is completely separate from your motor insurance policy.

Is the repair guaranteed?

Yes, all repairs carried out by our approved repairers are guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle whilst it remains in your possession.

Can I cancel my Toyota SMART cover policy?

You can cancel your policy in the first 14 days and received a full refund, provided no claim has been made. If you cancel after the first 14 days, you will be entitled to a pro rata refund provided that you have not made a claim. The refund is subject to a £29.99 administration fee.

What’s not covered under my Toyota Smart Cover Policy?

Damage that’s bigger than the size limits stated above; damage of any kind to wheels, rims or tyres; any single claim greater than £560 and cumulative damage over £3000, any panel that is ripped, holed, torn or perforated; damage to beading, moulding, glass, lights or decals; any damage that occurred before the policy start date, and any damage other than a stone chip to the bonnet, boot lid or the roof. Please check your policy working for full details and any current exclusions.

How can I get Toyota SMART cover?

Toyota SMART cover can be purchased from participating Toyota Centres when ordering a new or used vehicle. Cover cannot be purchased after you’ve taken delivery of your vehicle.