1. 25 Years of Electric Expertise
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25 Years of Electric Expertise

Over a century ago, the combustion engine revolutionised the world, delivering personal mobility to the masses – but at a cost to our shared planet. As a result, in 1993 Toyota outlined a target of building a low-emissions car. Four years later, our first pioneering hybrid was born, and we remain as committed to our goal as ever. Today, our ongoing innovation means Toyota vehicles can be made with cleaner technology still, reducing our environmental footprint.

1997: Prius Hybrid

The Prius Hybrid system brought us a host of clever fuel saving solutions – from intelligently managing the power of the engine and motor to match driving conditions to switching the engine off when at a stop. But most significant was its regenerative braking system; kinetic energy, which previously would have been wasted as heat, is instead captured and turned into electricity to recharge the battery.

2003: Hybrid Synergy Drive

Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) has undergone a range of changes including improvements to the engine, battery pack, as well as a significantly more powerful electric motor. This meant today’s Prius was not only faster and more responsive, but also more fuel efficient, an increased electric-drive range (2km) and lower CO2 emissions (104g/km).

2009: Plug-in Hybrid

In 2009, a new plug-in hybrid Prius was debuted at Frankfurt and Los Angeles Auto Shows. Not only did it introduce a higher capacity battery for greater pure-electric performance, but it also showed drivers how lower-emissions driving and easy charging could seamlessly fit into their lifestyle.

2012: TS030 Hybrid

Toyota was the first manufacturer to confirm its participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) using a hybrid powertrain. The Toyota Sport TS030 Hybrid was the successor to the iconic TS010 and TS020 race cars that participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with podium success during the 1990s. At the time, our pioneering approach to technology lead to five million Toyota hybrid vehicles being sold worldwide.

2012: Hybrid introduced across the Toyota range

In 2012, we brought our commitment to sustainable mobility technology to new heights when we introduced a range of Toyota hybrid models – Yaris Hybrid, Prius+ and Prius Plug-In.

2014: Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

With the revolutionary hydrogen-powered Mirai, Toyota is pushing for a better future. The Mirai is powered by electricity made in its innovative fuel cell stack and is the next step in the age of zero emission driving. With outstanding range and exceptional performance, Mirai brings the future forward to the present.

2015: TS050 Hybrid

The TS050 Hybrid, Toyota’s third car since joining the championship in 2012, was unveiled at the Paul Ricard circuit in southern France. This pioneering vehicle featured a significant change in powertrain concept. A 2.4-litre, twin-turbo, direct injection V6 petrol engine was combined with an 8MJ hybrid system, each developed by the Motor Sport Unit Development Division at Toyota’s Higashi-Fuji Technical Centre in Japan.

2017: Prius+

Offering more boot space and space for up to seven people, the Prius+ had a familiar look – but with a more elongated rear design and subtle styling differences. Appealing to families who needed more space, the Prius+ was a welcome addition to the Toyota hybrid range, delivering exceptional performance thanks to its powerful battery.

2019: 2nd Generation Mirai FCEV

Easy to refuel, offering up to 400 miles driving range and emitting nothing but water from the tailpipe, our pioneering Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric vehicles have the potential to revolutionise the way we drive. After leading with the world’s first production hydrogen-powered car in 2014, we’re taking zero tailpipe emission fuel cell technology to new heights with the second-generation Mirai – a vision for a cleaner future that’s ready for the roads of today.
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2019: Battery Electric Proace Family

Our battery electric line up combines the no-compromise capability and versatility of the city favourite Toyota Proace van with the performance and efficiency of an all-electric, zero tailpipe emission powertrain. Offering a breakthrough for businesses, reap the benefits of zero tailpipe emission technology and low emission zones.
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2021: bZ Series

The All New Toyota bZ series is the next generation of innovative battery electric vehicles aiming to deliver an effortless fusion of sleek, modern design and exceptional capability. Enjoy outstanding performance and a range of innovative features.
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2022: bZ4X Battery Electric SUV

Innovative, efficient and with dynamic SUV design. Enjoy a new driving experience with the innovative bZ4X, our latest electric SUV.
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