What is the purpose of my GRMN reservation code?

Your reservation code is unique to you. It will feature on your reservation summary and you’ll need to take this to your retailer to place your order. It also acts as a security measure since your retailer is able to use this unique code to identify your reservation details.

How can I pay for my Yaris GRMN online reservation?

We accept MasterCard, Visa or PayPal as a means of payment.

How can I go about reserving more than one Yaris GRMN?

Due to the exclusivity of the Yaris GRMN, only one reservation per customer is accepted.

I’d like to choose a particular retailer to collect my Yaris GRMN from, is this ok?

Yes, you can choose any retailer for the delivery of your new Yaris GRMN.

How long after placing my Yaris GRMN reservation fee can I get my Yaris GRMN?

After securing your Yaris GRMN by reservation fee, you will be invited in October to liaise with your nominated Dealer and place your order. Vehicle deliveries will commence early in 2018.

I’ve changed my mind, am I able to cancel my order?

Yes, we do accept order cancellations subject to terms and conditions.

All of the Yaris GRMN’s have been reserved, what should I do next?

Once all of our Yaris GRMN’s have been reserved you’ll be able to join our waiting list. If we receive any cancellations you’ll be notified.

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