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in-car multimedia

Car technology is amazing – but only when it’s simple and easy to use. In fact, we think technology has to make your driving experience more relaxing, informative, enjoyable and even safer. That’s why you’ll love our new and intuitive in-car entertainment system with state-of-the-art technology including satellite navigation, live updates, touch screen functionality, 3D mapping, Bluetooth® and so much more.

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How to activate Toyota Touch Bluetooth® and pair your mobile

Pairing your device (such as your mobile) is really simple and the process is exactly the same whatever Touch system you have installed. First, make sure your car is safely parked and then:

Switch on your mobile and the Touch system. Then press SET-UP on your Touch system, select BLUETOOTH® and make sure Bluetooth® is ON

Check your phone is in DISCOVER MODE/DISCOVERABLE (or Bluetooth® is switched ON)

Still on your phone, touch SEARCH FOR BLUETOOTH® DEVICES

When the system finds your phone, SELECT IT from the list (it will then ask you to ACCEPT THE CONNECTION)

Then if you want to change any of the settings, press SET-UP, then BLUETOOTH®, then PAIRED DEVICES and then choose your device.

There are so many different types of mobile phone on the market we cannot guarantee 100% Bluetooth® Connected Services functionality.

If you have another Bluetooth in-car media device, or a phone that seems to be incompatible, please contact your nearest Centre and they should be able to help.