Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2021

Flying cars, zero emission hoverboards, space buggies for moons and planets? Who knows what the future of mobility will look like, so Toyota invited children across the UK to share their wildest and most imaginative car design, with us for the 2021 Dream Car Art Contest.

The contest has attracted more than 6.2 million entries from children in more than 100 countries worldwide since 2004. Previous winners’ designs have featured a pod that takes lonely pensioners for an adventure, nanoscopic ‘bumper cars’ with healing properties and a car that lowers the temperature of the ocean, preventing the bleaching of coral reefs and the melting of icecaps.


Through our judging process we have now narrowed down all the entries to three finalists per age category. To see who won Gold, Silver and Bronze, please click on the following video:

Listed below, in alphabetical order are this year’s 9 finalists:

Under 8

Isabella Grover - Air-Cleaning Lava-powered Car

Isabella's dream car is powered by lava! It sucks pollution from the air and the trees inside her car clean the air. It then releases the fresh, clean air in bubbles from the car.


Kennedy Moore - Teleport to Heaven

When you really miss someone or just need to have a chat with someone you love who isn't there, you can step in a teleport and it magically transports you to heaven for a little visit. Kennedy's picture is of her visiting her nanna and her rabbit in heaven


William Godfrey - The Toyota Bubble

A Toyota bubble car to keep people safe from coronavirus. With this flying car, you can see the world but stay safe in your bubble. It features a virus zapper, windscreen anti-virus and a thermometer door that takes your temperature on the way in and out. There is also a bridge where you can meet people from other bubbles if your temperature is ok.


8 to 11

Anoushka Kumar - Pandemic Warrior

Pandemic Warrior travels day and night. From villages to cities across the globe to sanitise, test and vaccinate communities to keep them safe from Covid and other pandemics. It also supplies essentials including masks to the vulnerable and plays harmonious music to calm people under stress.


Leonid Karpovich - MARV (Magnificent Animal Rescue Vehicle)

This amazing car invented by Toyota has one sole purpose - to save animals that are endangered because of peoples careless actions. It is fitted with the latest technology and fuel and is completely eco-friendly. When rescuers catch animals they carefully deliver them to their new home in the wild.


Martin Wellstead - The Homless Helper

The homeless helper stops where homeless people are waiting. The homeless people are welcomed into the car. Inside it is like a home they can sleep, relax, shower, get new clothes and get medical treatment. They have everything they need to help them find work and a new home.


12 to 15

Charlie Eades - Street Beetle

Using the behaviour of an African dung beetle, Charlie has designed this robotic beetle that is used to remove litter from the streets. It rolls the trash into a large ball to be recycled.


Tyler Smith - The Dream Machine

Tyler says; "As humans we are not very loving to our environment, personally I think animals would do a better job. They are self-sufficient. They do not contribute to landfill and climate change."


Verity Gulliford - Stratus Apparatus MMXX

I was inspired by the rising global warming so I made a car that turned greenhouse gases into nice fluffy clouds.


What’s the Prize?

The top three best artworks will be selected in each category in the UK contest, with the Gold winner receiving an iPad, Silver and Bronze winners receiving a Samsung tablet and all winners receiving a Toyota goody bag.

All UK finalists will then be put forward to the World Contest, in which a grand prize winner from each category and two special award winners will be selected. Each winner will receive $5,000 to spend on educational resources and supplementary prizes of $10,000 will also be awarded to their school or college to spend on educational resources.

So, all that is left to say is look out for the next Toyota Dream Car Art Contest which will launch later this year!

Full competition terms and conditions, can be found here.
For more information about the global competition, please click here.