Hybrid for business

As part of your fleet, Toyota Hybrids make perfect sense, and work hard to save your business money. They don’t just deliver class-leading Total Cost of Ownership, a high standard specification and low CO2 emissions, they look great on the road too.

Class-leading Total Cost of Ownership

Thanks to the combination of a fuel-efficient petrol engine and electric power, Toyota Self-charging hybrids work hard to save your business money. We aim to make every trip a cost effective one.

Not only that, our hybrids benefit from low depreciation, low fuel consumption and minimal maintenance and servicing, meaning we can offer your business surprisingly low total cost of ownership.

Renowned quality and reliability

With our renowned quality and reliability at their core, Toyota Hybrids will become a dependable member of your team. Benefitting from lower wear to parts – such as brake pads and discs – our Hybrid models also comes with a five-year/100,000 miles** warranty from new, and when they pass their annual *Hybrid Health Check they are eligible for one-year/15,000 miles** of extended battery care up to their tenth birthday, guaranteeing you peace-of-mind across your fleet.

*Please check the availability in your region/country
**Whichever is soonest

Benefits of Toyota Hybrid

hybrid-business-electric-vehicleElectric Vehicle Drive
Intelligently switches to electric power at town speeds
hybrid-business-electric-boostElectric Boost
A boost of electric power for responsive acceleration
hybrid-business-ancillary-powerAncillary Power
Battery powers items such as lights, air conditioning and radio
hybrid-business-energy-recoveryEnergy Recovery
The hybrid battery is recharged when you brake 
The hybrid battery is recharged when you coast and slow 
hybrid-business-start-stopStart & Stop
In stop-start traffic, the engine automatically switches on and off 

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