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Driving in a Toyota has never been better, and with MyT Connected Services the experience becomes even smoother, so you're always comfortable and in control, no matter where your drive takes you.

Technology doesn’t have to be intimidating. We have the answer to all your MyT Connected Services questions.

With MyT Connected Services your car communicates seamlessly with the outside world. You can drive more efficiently and intelligently. We’ve made it as simple and intuitive as possible, but we’re sure you still have questions. We’re happy to answer them.

MyT Connected Services

What are MyT Connected Services?

MyT Connected Services is comprised of the MyT App and MyT Multimedia. Each suite is host to its own set of features, that make driving safer and more fun, in and out of your car.

The MyT App lets you communicate with your car, wherever you are. You can plan journeys, locate your parked car, and find information on when your car is due to receive maintenance. The Hybrid Coaching feature analyses your driving and tells you how you can improve fuel efficiency when driving your hybrid.

MyT Multimedia also gives you access to useful information like real-time traffic alerts and speed camera alerts and allows you to search for points of interest in the navigation. *for compatible models

Why should I create a MyT account?

With a MyT account, you can manage your multimedia system, and receive useful insights on your car through the MyT App and the My Toyota Customer Portal.

What is the difference between the MyT App and the My Toyota Customer Portal?

You can use the same login details to access both the MyT App and the My Toyota Customer Portal.  

The MyT App allows you to use the following MyT Connected Services:   

• Find My Car 
• Send-to-Car
• Last Mile Guidance 
• Hybrid Coaching      
• Driving Analytics        
• Service Booking
• Service Reminders
• Service History 
• Warning Light Indicator 

The My Toyota Customer Portal gives you detailed information on your car and allows you to buy and manage services. The following services are available in the portal:

• Car purchase history, car ownership details, and order tracking
• Send-to-Car
• Service Booking
• Service Reminders
• Service History
• Vehicle Information
• Owner's Manual
• Map Updates  
• Manage profile settings

Can I use MyT Connected Services in another Toyota?

The MyT App is linked only to the vehicles identification number (VIN) and the owner of the car, so you will only be able to use the connected services attached to that car.

You can use MyT Multimedia in another Toyota, if it has been activated and is still in the validity period.

Can other members of my family use MyT Connected Services?

The use of MyT App Connected Services is limited to the owner of a car, and the vehicle identification number (VIN) can be added to one account.

MyT Multimedia can be used by anyone driving that car.

I have a car that should have MyT Connected Services available, but I think they aren’t activated. What should I do?

Connected Services is comprised of both the MyT App and MyT Multimedia. Each has its own set of features and both need to be activated separately. 

If you are unsure if your Connected Services are activated, follow these instructions.

  • Go the MyT App.
  • Click on the wheel icon found in the top right-hand corner of the home screen
  • Click on ‘Settings’

Choose the ‘Car’ tab. If you see ‘Activate connected services’, your car is not yet activated. Then click activate connected services.

A quick way to check if your Connected Services have been activated, check if your last trip details are displayed on the home screen of the App.

To activate Online Navigation Connected Services connect your smartphone with your car, using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tethering.

  • Click on the ‘Setup’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Online’ tab, then the ‘Toyota Online’ tab, and choose an existing account.
  • Enter your MyT credentials. Entering your details will start your 3 years of free service. You can check the expiration date of your MyT Multimedia subscription in the My Toyota Customer Portal.
  • If you do not have an existing account, you can directly create one in your car, by choosing the ‘New Account’ option.

MyT App

Which platforms support the MyT App?

The MyT App is supported on both iOS and Android devices.

Are MyT Connected Services available for my car?

MyT Connected Services are available with the following Toyota cars:

• New RAV4 (from November 2018 production onwards)
• New Corolla H/B and Touring Sports (from January 2019 production onwards)
• New Camry (from January 2019 production onwards)
• New C-HR (from August 2020 production onwards)
• Yaris (from November 2019 production onwards)

 How much do these services cost?

MyT Connected Services is included with the purchase of any MyT Connected Services compatible Toyota, for a span of ten years.

How long do MyT Connected Services remain active?

The connected services of the MyT App will function for 10 years. Toyota will cover the cost of data used to provide connected services for 10 years, but the MyT App will function even without connected services.

What if I buy a secondhand Toyota? Are MyT Connected Services available?

If you buy a secondhand Toyota, that supports MyT App Connected Services, visit your retailer to confirm that you are the owner of the car. You’ll then be able to activate MyT App Connected Services.

How can I download the MyT App?

Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and search for ‘Toyota MyT App’. Then download the app, entirely free of charge.

How do I activate MyT App Connected Services for my car?

From the home screen, follow these instructions.

1. Click on the wheel icon, which can be found in the top right-hand corner.

2. Go to ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Car’ tab.

3. Click on ‘activate connected services’.

4. If you receive a message, saying ‘connecting’ you will be able to use connected services after you have made two trips in your car, at a speed greater than 30mph.

5. If you receive a message, ‘please contact your Toyota centre so they can help you complete the process’ you will have to visit your centre to verify ownership.

MyT App indicates that I should wait for activation to take place, even after I agreed to all the privacy rules.

To finish your activation, you’ll need to make 2 trips at a speed greater than 30 mph. Afterwards, the MyT App Connected Services will be activated and visible in the app.

The Share to Car feature doesn’t work. Destinations are not transferred to my navigation system. How can I set it up?

How does Last Mile Guidance work?

Last Mile Guidance is available in the MyT App homescreen. The feature is available in your in-car navigation, when you parked somewhere other than your final journey destination.

For more information please visit our how-to-guide.

 What should I do if I sell my Toyota?

Remove the car from your MyT account. Don’t cancel your account, as any future Toyota cars you may own can be added to the account. Don’t forget to inform the new owner of the car that it is equipped with MyT App Connected Services.

Can I receive data like the level of fuel left in the tank? Or whether the doors are locked?

This service is not yet available, but we are constantly working to add more connected services to the MyT App. We will regularly update the app, so be sure your app stays up to date. The easiest way to do so is to enable auto-updates in your app store.

MyT Multimedia

What is MyT Multimedia and what does it have to offer?

MyT Multimedia includes several navigation online services, providing useful real-time information, like traffic information and speed camera alerts.

These features require the internet to function. You need to connect your mobile device (using wi-fi or Bluetooth tethering) or any wi-fi device/network to the car.  

Every new Toyota comes with 3 years of free map updates for the navigation system, as well as other services like :

• Real-Time Traffic
• Coyote (where available) or Cyclops
• Google Streetview (where available)
• Point of Interest
• Fuel
• Parking
• Weather

For more information please visit our how-to-guides on how to activate Online Navigation Connected Services and how to use them.

Why do I need an internet connection for MyT Multimedia online navigation connected services? How does it differ from normal navigation?

Embedded navigation systems receive data from a GPS satellite signal. MyT Multimedia requires an online connection to receive necessary data for Real-Time Traffic, Coyote (where available), Google Streetview (where available), weather, fuel, and parking, and online POI.

Is my car compatible with MyT Multimedia?

All Toyota models currently on sale include online navigation services. However, AYGO and Supra have their own set of connected services.

Smartphone integration is available on certain current generation Aygo grades, certain current generation Yaris grades, the new Supra (only works with Apple CarPlay), and new C-HR models as of October 19 production. Check with your retailer to see if smartphone integration is available.

How much does MyT Multimedia cost?

The first 3 years of MyT Multimedia navigation online services are free. After that, you can purchase a subscription. Our map care package includes all of our map updates and related online services, and our service pack includes our online services features. You can purchase a subscription in our e-Store. Check the e-Store for the latest prices.

What happens after my 3 years of free MyT Multimedia are over? Will you notify me?

You will get a notification on the screen of your in-car multimedia system 30 days before the free 3-year period ends.
In the e-Store, you can renew the Map Care pack for either 1, or 3 years. When renewing our Service Pack, you can choose between 1, 2 or 3 years. Check the e-Store for prices.

I bought a secondhand Toyota. MyT Multimedia Online Navigation Connected Services are already activated . Do I need to re-activate it?

You can use it right away, you’ll just need to tether Bluetooth to enable navigation online connected services. However, we recommend that you enter your MyT / My Toyota credentials to link the multimedia to your account. You will then be able to purchase services or Map Care from the portal and use Share to Car from the MyT App.

How can I enable Send to Car from the MyT App?

With the Send to Car feature, you can prepare for your journey in advance by searching for directions on your mobile device, and then sending them to your car. You’ll need a car with in-car navigation features, and a MyT account with your car registered to your account.  

To enable this feature, you’ll need to link your car to your MyT account.   

 You can do this in one of two ways:  

• In your car, with Bluetooth or wi-fi tethering active, click on ‘Set-Up’ in multimedia. Go to the 'Online' tab, and choose ‘Toyota online’, and then ‘Existing account’. Enter your MyT credentials. You then need to go to the MyT customer portal. You’ll have received the message ‘we found a new device ID’. Confirm, and you’re all set up.
• You can also enable the Send to Car feature directly in the app, by going to the car menu, choosing the wheels icon, go to 'Settings', and then in the ‘Car' tab choose the register a multimedia device option. Follow the instructions in your app and note that you’ll have to be in your car to finalize the pairing process.

 For more information please visit our how-to-guide.

How do I update software and maps? Does this happen automatically?

Over-the-air map updates are possible with the latest 2019 multimedia systems, activated in the e-Store for the latest compatible models. For more information please consult our how-to guide. 
You can also manually update your system by downloading updates from the My Toyota Portal e-Store, putting them on a USB stick, connecting it to your car.

What’s the best way to plan a route?

You can use the Send to Car feature in the MyT App to plan your route. First, go to the ‘Services’ tab, choose ‘Share to Car’, click on where to, enter the address, and from you can program a trip with up to 9 stops and a final destination by clicking on the ‘+’ button. Then press ‘send to car’.

Once in your car, make sure you have a wi-fi connection. The easiest method is to tether Bluetooth to your smartphone. Once an internet connection has been established within your vehicle, your car can start to download the journey. Go to favourite destinations in the multimedia unit, and you will find your pre-planned journey.

For the New RAV4, the New Corolla, New Camry, and New C-HR the journey can be found under the favourite menu. For more information please consult our how-to guides on How to Share to car and How to find in-car, Share to car journeys.

When do my 3 free years of MyT Multimedia start?

Your 3 year term starts when you put your MyT credentials into the infotainment unit.

How can I check the expiration date of my Map Care and MyT Multimedia services subscriptions?

You will get a notification on the screen of your in-car multimedia 30 days before the free 3 year period ends every week. 15 days before the free 3 year period ends you'll receive the same message every day. After your 3 year period has ended, a message will be shown each time you try to use the app.