Charging Hybrid and PHEV cars

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Does your hybrid engine need charging and how and where can you charge it?

What is the difference between hybrid and PHEV?

Do I need to plug in my Toyota Hybrid to charge it up?

There’s often some confusion between hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles and that’s because both types of vehicle have an electric engine and a rechargeable battery ‘under the bonnet’. The big difference between them is that a hybrid vehicle has two engines: an electric engine and a conventional fuel powered engine. An electric vehicle only has an electric engine.

This means the electric vehicle has to literally plug itself into a charger to charge up its battery when its power runs out - after so many miles depending on how often it is used. The hybrid vehicle, using technology pioneered and perfected by Toyota, uses its electric motor to drive around town at low speeds and then, when more power is needed, switches to its second, conventional fuel motor, to drive at higher speeds on motorways or for overtaking.

How do you charge a hybrid car?

The advantage of a hybrid vehicle is that it recharges its own battery ‘on the move’ – as it’s being driven by its conventional engine - it even recharges itself when you brake, too. So, issues such as: ‘how to charge a hybrid car’, ‘where are the hybrid charging points located’, or ‘where is my nearest hybrid charging station?’ do not apply.

Can a hybrid continue to run on electricity when it runs out of fuel?

Having the advantage of both electric and petrol power doesn’t mean that you can run your hybrid without fuel. The electric and conventional engines in a hybrid are designed to work together. So even though a hybrid can operate in an electric-only mode, it must have fuel in the tank – even if only a little. Trying to run a hybrid purely on the electric engine without having the fuel to power the conventional engine will result in damage such as depleting the battery to the extent you will need to get a specialised recharge.

The Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) – the best of all worlds?

The Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid has all the benefits of being a hybrid, but also has a hybrid charge point so you can give the larger battery an extra charge, at home or at any of the network of PHEV charging points.

Now with an increased electric range of up to 39 miles with a top speed of 83mph in electric mode as well as taking only 2 hours* to fully charge.
*Based on 16 Amp charging capability

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