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Benefits of a Small Car

They’re renowned for being the cars with the lowest road tax and the best fuel economy, but there are many more benefits to having a small city car. Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why small cars are such a common fixture on British roads.

Good fuel economy

Generally speaking, most small cars offer some of the best fuel economy available, with cars like the Aygo X giving up to 58.85mpg on average, meaning fewer trips to the garage and less money spent on fuel.

The Yaris Hybrid is even more economical, with an mpg of up to 85.6! This means they’re a great solution for those conscious of cost who need to keep fuel costs to a minimum.

Agile and easy to park

The compact nature of cars like these make them naturally more responsive when it comes to handling, meaning they make the perfect city car. They’re also a lot easier to park than their larger counterparts.

Lower road tax

Due to the fact that they’re amongst the most environmentally-friendly vehicles, small cars usually have the lowest road tax.

With combined CO2 emissions from 109g/km to 114g/km on cars like the Aygo X and an even lower 92g/km to 112g/km on the Yaris Hybrid, drivers can minimise the impact they have on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint – so it’s easy on your conscience as well as your bank account.

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Low insurance and service costs

Another big pull of the small car is the low cost of insurance and service. The costs of service are often lower in comparison to other cars and you can find out more by visiting our servicing page.

Small cars with low service costs also benefit from lower insurance costs, as insurers often take engine size into account when costing their quotes. Toyota offers its own car insurance with a defaqto 5-star rating and an extensive list of benefits included.

Freedom to personalise

The Aygo X offers a range of colour and trim combinations that make it easy to customise to suit the driver. There are also personalisation packs available to suit your style. The Yaris has a range of trims and wheel designs for a more subtle colour contrasts.

If you’d like to find out which small cars we have available, visit our best small cars page for a full range of specifications.

Affordable for your budget

Aygo X and Yaris come with customer savings offers to make small cars even more affordable to own.

Our latest offers provide a breakdown of costs, including deposits and monthly payments for your convenience.