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Small Cars Safety Features

All the facts you need to know about the Aygo X and Yaris's extensive range of safety features.

How safe are small cars?

Safety credentials should always be front of mind for those considering a new car, whether big or small.

One big advantage is that our small cars have been fitted with the latest safety technology to make your drive safer and more enjoyable.

It might sound obvious to some, but the age of a car makes a big difference when it comes to its safety rating. In recent years, cars have been fitted with a greater number of safety features as standard – a fact that goes a long way in both preventing crashes and limiting damage in the event of an accident. As a result the Yaris has a 5 star NCAP rating.

Pre-tensioners and force limiters

The pre-tensioners instantly retract the seatbelt during a frontal collision, while force limiters control the load applied to the seatbelt, helping to minimise the impact to the chest.

Supplemental restraint system SRS airbags

Restraint airbags can be found in the driver and passenger sides of the car, as well as along the side walls of the car, minimising the impact in the case of a collision.

Daytime running lights

Daytime running lights are triggered whenever the car is in motion.

They work to both improve the driver’s visibility in the twilight hours, and help make the car more visible to cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles.

  • How safe are small cars?

    With so much jargon and myths surrounding small car safety, and confusion about what actually constitutes a safe car, we’ve decided to demystify the topic.

    Check out some of the terms below so you know what you should expect from a small car when it comes to safety features.

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS):

    An anti-lock braking system maintains the car’s traction with the road surface when braking, to avoid skidding.

Hill-start assist control (HAC)

When a gradient is detected, the hill start assist automatically kicks in, stopping the car rolling up or down the hill when pulling away.

The extra control reduces the risk of the car colliding with others at the front or rear of the vehicle.

Emergency brake-light signal

During an emergency brake, hazard lights flash to warn passengers at the rear of the vehicle to slow down and stop.

The extra time this gives them to react can reduce the risk of rear-end collisions.

Tyre pressure warning system

The tyre pressure warning system alerts drivers when their tyre pressure becomes seriously low, warning drivers to check their tyres and re-inflate those that are at dangerous levels. With an estimated 3,600 accidents in England a month directly related to flat tyres or low tyre pressure, warning systems like this hugely improve small car safety.

Vehicle stability control

This is an electronic programme that minimises loss of control by applying brakes to certain wheels, giving you greater stability when driving.


  • Pre-Collision System

    This functionality uses a camera and laser to detect other vehicles in the road ahead. When the possibility of a collision is detected the driver is alerted with audio and visual warnings and brake assistance is activated. If the driver fails to brake in time the brakes automatically engage to prevent or mitigate a collision.

  • Lane Departure Alert

    Using a camera to detect the lane markings in the road ahead, Lane Departure Alert will alert the driver with audio and visual warnings if the vehicle starts to deviate from its lane without the turn indicator being applied – the driver can then take correct action.

  • Automatic High Beam

    Automatic High Beam is designed to optimise visibility during night driving for all road users. A camera detects the lights of oncoming vehicles and leading traffic whilst also monitoring the brightness of streetlights.

  • Road Sign Assist

    Road Sign Assist helps ensure drivers are kept informed, even if they have driven past a road sign without noticing. RSA identifies signage such as speed limits, no overtaking warnings and road conditions and the signs used on motorways, and displays the information on a colour TFT multi-information screen. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, the system will activate a warning light and buzzer.