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Competitive total cost of ownership

In its simplest form, total cost of ownership (TCO) is the original purchase price of the vehicle, minus its future value (depreciation), plus all tax and running costs. These include Employer’s National Insurance Service contributions, maintenance and repair (SMR), fuel and insurance. At Toyota, we have prioritised making reliable, affordable vehicles with lower TCOs, making our vehicles the perfect option for your fleet. Speak to us to learn more about how we keep TCO down, or get in touch for a personalised calculation.

Committed to offering low TCO

Combatting depreciation

Our renowned build quality and durability, across our hybrid, electric and conventional engines mean that our resale value remains high at the end of a contract.

Fuel and servicing costs

Our efficient hybrid, electric and conventional vehicles work hard to ensure you get excellent fuel economy, however it is powered.

Choosing hybrid or electric can also help reduce servicing and maintenance costs with smooth power delivery resulting in reduced tyre wear, and regenerative braking reducing disc and pad wear. Both of these features reduce the need for replacement parts, thereby reducing costs.

Tax and insurance

With a hybrid or electric vehicle, you can reduce the amount of company tax, and national insurance contributions you’ll pay each year. Our focus on comprehensive safety features ensures that your insurance premiums remain low.