The world's favourite hybrid

With the space and refinement of a large family car and the fuel economy of a supermini, there's no car quite like the Toyota Prius. It's all down to the award-winning Hybrid Synergy Drive® system.

Two engines – one petrol, one electric – work in perfect harmony to recycle the energy normally lost when you slow down or brake, giving you great fuel economy in all traffic conditions. The hybrid system means ultra-low carbon emissions, too – and if you drive in electric mode, you'll produce virtually no emissions at all. With Toyota's pioneering hybrid technology, two engines are better than one.

Prius is a conventional automatic, the transmission makes driving relaxing and rewarding. Just like a diesel, the hybrid system delivers low fuel consumption. But with the Prius, the experience is better than either a conventional automatic or a diesel: it's smooth, almost silent and delivers outstanding fuel economy – and with no sacrifice in performance.

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Lead from the front

There's much more to the Prius than fuel economy and refinement, though. Inside, you'll find a range of advanced technologies that make driving utterly satisfying and trouble-free.

For example, the head-up display projects key information such as sat nav instructions and your current speed onto the base of the windscreen, so you can keep your eyes on the road. There’s also a rear camera for safer reversing and touch-sensitive controls on the steering wheel.

Best of all, the Prius now features the new Toyota Touch multimedia system as standard. Upgrade to Touch & Go Plus (standard on the Prius T Spirit) and there’s Google Local Search®, as well as a smart sat nav with the latest traffic info.

The best driving experience

Noise, gear changes, the wasted energy of stopping and starting in traffic. They're aspects of driving that we've become so accustomed to that we barely notice them any more.

But drive the Prius for a few miles and things seem very different. It's smooth – incredibly so. And quiet. Quieter than you could think possible. Best of all, it saves the energy wasted when you stop for traffic to give you greater fuel economy later on. And yet it still has the full power and performance of a conventional family car.

But enough talk. The only way to experience it for yourself is to take a test drive... are you curious?

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You can rely on me

With more than 3 million sales across the globe, and 15 years of expertise the Prius has won award after award, and saved tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

What's more, as a Toyota, it's covered by our 5 year warranty as standard, and the hybrid battery itself is guaranteed for eight years.
Peace of mind is built into every part of this car… because we wouldn't have it any other way.

Want even less emissions and increased MPG?

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Prius – Feature Focus

The Prius comes with a range of added features to make your drive safer and more enjoyable.

  • The brand-new touch-screen system at the heart of the Prius, with ultra-smooth Bluetooth® music/phone connection and rear parking camera. Upgrade to Touch & Go Plus (standard on T Spirit) for 3D sat nav, Google Local Search® and phone contacts search.

  • Hot day, hot car? Not any more. This system harnesses the heat of the sun to power a ventilation system that keeps your interior cool.

  • No need to look out for rain clouds. With rain-sensing wipers, the Prius is already on the case, keeping the view ahead crystal clear, effortlessly. Standard on T4 and T Spirit.

  • Pull up by the space, activate the Intelligent Park Assist system and let it park the Prius for you, as you control the speed. It's so much easier. Why do it the hard way?

  • It's Cruise Control, but better. The radar at the front of the car scans ahead, changing your speed when there's a car close ahead. Once that car has moved away, you return to your set speed.

  • With the optional Pre-Crash Safety System, an onboard radar scans ahead for potential crash situations and, if necessary, emits discrete warning sound. In a worst-case scenario, it will even automatically brake and pre-tension the seatbelts.

  • Select reverse to activate the rear camera, giving you a clear view of any obstacles behind. It's standard on all models.

  • A safer way to operate functions like the audio. Touch-sensitive controls on the steering wheel replicate finger movement on the dash screen, letting you select the function easily.

  • Your speed with head up display is projected directly onto the windscreen so you don't need to look down. Clever, and much safer.

Toyota Touch & Go

The brand-new touch-screen system at the heart of the Prius, with ultra-smooth Bluetooth® music/phone connection and rear parking camera.

Upgrade to Touch & Go Plus (standard on T Spirit) for 3D sat nav, Google Local Search® and phone contacts search.

Sat nav

The Premium Traffic Info function offers real-time traffic information. The Eco Route feature suggests the most fuel-efficient drives for any given journey and the Sign Post Motorway function is there to help when you miss the sign for your turn off and drive past. A virtual motorway-style sign will then pop up on the touch screen so you can decide what to do.


Links with your phone to make hands-free calls, shows your contacts on screen and even displays text messages.

Google® Local Search

Find shops, cafés, whatever you want... Google® Local Search makes it easy.

Rear-view camera

Parking's easy when you can see everything behind you. All thanks to the smart rear-view camera.

Advanced MP3 connection

Plug in via the USB port to charge up and access your music library.

Internet applications

Connected Services enables the use of applications. The weather application, allows you to call up a forecast for any location. Another application helps you find available spaces at nearby car parks and the Fuel Price Finder can tell you where to go for the cheapest fuel. More applications and all the convenience, connectivity and enjoyment they offer, are on the way.