Toyota Optimal Drive

Toyota Optimal Drive is an entire range of new engines, design innovations and transmissions that is bringing in a step-change in fuel economy and emissions across the Toyota range. Here are just a few of the new innovations you'll find in Toyota Optimal Drive.


Enhanced Performance, Lower CO2, Better Fuel Economy

Toyota Optimal Drive is designed to save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint. And the best bit? There's no compromise in performance.

Stop & Start

Specified with 1.33-litre VVT-i petrol Yaris, Auris and Urban Cruiser models, Stop & Start saves fuel and emissions in urban conditions by seamlessly stopping and restarting the engine at lights or in stationary traffic. This helps to boost combined fuel economy by up to 18 per cent.


New Engines

Reduced weight, lower internal friction, optimised valve control and greater rigidity are just a few of the improvements present in Toyota Optimal Drive engines. These innovations are applied differently across each model, but every engine offers a significant boost in terms of fuel economy and emissions, without sacrifice in power.


Improved Transmissions

The new 6-speed Manual transmission available with Yaris, Auris and Urban Cruiser is a showcase for Toyota Optimal Drive thinking. Its unique twin-shaft design makes changing gear easier and more satisfying, and the reduced size and number of components improves efficiency and torque capacity.


Gearshift Indicator

All Auris, Avensis and iQ models come equipped with gearshift timing indicators (manual transmission only), showing the optimum time for gear changes and in turn saving fuel and emissions.


Clean Green Cars

An independent authority on the eco-friendly automotive market compared the CO2 emissions of Toyota models to other car manufacturers and came to the conclusion that 'Toyota is clearly the best performing car company'.