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When you buy a new Toyota you’ll now have the chance to leave a review of the car on our website for prospective buyers to read. We take pride in the quality, design, reliability and fuel-economy of our vehicles, and it turns out that many of you are fans, too

An elderly couple, standing outside drinking tea & conversing, daytime shot.

The retired couple

“My Auris is six and a half years old now,” says Maurice Kent, from Hampshire. “I got it when my previous car, which wasn’t a Toyota, developed a fault that couldn’t be fixed. I wanted a five-door hatchback and, after speaking to a mechanic and a local lady who owns an Auris, I decided to get one too. 

“My first impression was that it was much more economical than my previous car, which makes a considerable difference to what you spend. 

“In terms of keeping it running, all I do is put fuel in, top up the water for the washers, and check the tyres. I don’t do anything else. And it goes to the Toyota dealer once a year for a service. It’s been extremely reliable. 

“If I needed a new car, I would definitely choose another Toyota. I’m very happy with my Auris, and I’m very happy with Toyota, certainly the Sandhurst dealer, they’ve been really good, really helpful. You can’t expect better service than that. 

“I’d definitely recommend a Toyota to someone else. I’m very happy with my decision to buy the Auris. I haven’t regretted it at all.”

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An elderly couple, standing outside drinking tea & conversing, daytime shot.
The young AYGO owner

“My first car was an AYGO,” says Courtney, from Essex. “And when I wanted a new one, although I looked at other cars, I chose a special-edition AYGO x-wave.

“At first I was shocked how different it was from my old car. It’s completely redesigned. It’s definitely a lot sportier, a lot sleeker, a lot more modern-looking. And it’s smooth to drive. It’s really sturdy and you feel completely secure on the road.

“There are so many new features. I have climate control, cruise control and a DAB radio. Cruise control is great on a long journey. And I love the DAB radio. It’s a really good feature. There are so many stations I didn’t even know about. I love having a good range of music in my car.

“The reverse parking camera is great, too. It really works. I hate reverse parking, so it’s really important for me.

“My AYGO gets really good mileage, so I save quite a bit of money on petrol.

“I haven’t had any problems with the car. It’s been really reliable. I’d definitely choose a Toyota again. They’re very modern, have loads of features and they’re good value. They’re just really, really good cars.”

The family with 7 Toyota cars

“We currently own seven – that’s right, seven – Toyota models,” says Sarah from Hampshire. “I have an MR2 Mark 1, an MR2 Mark 3 Roadster and a GT86. And my husband has two MR2s, a Mark 2 Roadster and a Mark 2 Turbo, and a 1975 Toyota Celica. We also have an Avensis.

“Do we need seven cars? Probably not, but they all have different purposes. It’s nothing for me to drive three cars in one day, depending on what I’m doing. If I’m taking out just one dog, I’ll use the GT86 – I had a set of bespoke seat covers made so our dog could sit in the front – but if we have both dogs with us, we’ll probably take the Avensis estate for the extra room.

“Our local dealer is Snows Toyota, Southampton. They’re lovely people – always really friendly and helpful. They joke with us that we have more Toyota cars parked on our drive than they do on their forecourt.

“I love Toyota cars. They’re so reliable. I think that’s the main thing. You know that when you go out the car’s going to start. And I just love their sports cars. At the moment, I’m happy with the cars we have. But if I won the lottery I’d certainly buy a 2000GT. They’re so beautiful.”


Customer reviews

You can now read real reviews from real Toyota customers in the owners review sections of each model page. Our customers are asked to rate their new car in five different areas: build quality, features and specifications, value for money, fuel economy, and then overall. There’s also space for owners to explain their ratings and say whether they would recommend their new car.

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Published: 12 February 2016

Information correct at time of publication.

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