Toyota at the 2017 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

World premiere of new Land Cruiser

At this year’s IAA, Toyota showcases the clear link between its past, present and future. The world-premiere of the new Land Cruiser builds on its 65-year unrivalled reputation of quality, durability and reliability. This autumn, Toyota also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic Prius, the first commercial hybrid car. 20 years on, hybrid is a fundamental part of our model range, illustrated by the Toyota C-HR HY-POWER concept car.

Off-road performance, on-road dynamics

With an off-road heritage spanning more than 65 years, the Land Cruiser remains unique in its segment for its ability to combine outstanding quality, durability and reliability with unrivalled off-road performance that have earned it a rock-solid reputation as one of the world’s toughest and most reliable 4x4s.

The new Land Cruiser further enhances this reputation with ever greater levels of luxury, comfort and ownership prestige. Revamped features include more modern and robust exterior front styling, higher quality interior design with updated centre console for operability. There are also improvements to its dynamic on-road abilities and off-road driver support systems. Just some of the new Land Cruiser's features that make it a hallmark premium 4x4 with the perfect blend of go-anywhere capability, comfort and refinement.

A rare diamond

Toyota C-HR has enjoyed strong success since its launch at the end of 2016. Its entry into the mid-size crossover market made an immediate impact with striking styling and rewarding driving character. The more powerful hybrid powertrain is at the heart of the new Toyota C-HR HY-POWER Concept, a vehicle designed to connect even more with customers who have strong individual tastes and lifestyles, displaying a high quality execution and attention to detail throughout.

Exploring further the diamond theme, the design team found inspiration in the natural forces that turn carbon into diamonds and the way solid rock can conceal a fiery, molten core. This thinking is reflected in the exterior design by the use of a new matt Dark Carbon silver paint, dramatically contrasted by dazzling use of an anodised Burning Orange finish, and is carried forward in the interiors with a tone-on-tone approach the combines black upholstery and trim with Burning Orange details.

The concept is designed around the new hybrid powertrain that offers more power than the 122 DIN HP system featured in the current production C-HR, reflecting a strategic future development of Toyota’s world-leading technology of higher performance hybrid options made available in all its core models.

20 Years of Toyota hybrid leadership

Back in 1997, Toyota started the electric revolution in the motor industry launching its first hybrid vehicle, Prius, and with it, the first electric car that doesn’t need to be charged. The pioneering hybrid technology represented our vision for the future mobility of the 21st century, and Toyota was proven right and ahead of its time, with electric and hybrid mobility currently being top priorities for so many other manufacturers.

This year we celebrate 20 years of Toyota hybrid technology and over ten-and-a-half million hybrids on the road, one-and-a- half million of these in Europe. Since the launch of the first hybrid Prius, this innovative technology is now made available on the 16 core Toyota models, making use of seven different hybrid powertrains. And we certainly don’t rest on our laurels: Toyota keeps on pushing the boundaries of the hybrid technology, in order to suit different customer needs and driving scenarios.

As a result, cutting-edge hybrid variations are developed, such as the plug-in hybrid with a charging mechanism in order to increase the battery capacity, available on the new Prius PHV. The ultimate disruptive innovation of the hybrid technology is our first zero-emission fuel cell car, Mirai, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell stack instead of the combustion engine, a symbol of our environmental challenge and commitment to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 90 percent, by 2050.


Published: 12 September 2017

Information correct at time of publication.

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