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Ultimate Eco-Car

Toyota’s ambition to develop and build the ultimate eco-car, which emits zero harmful emissions and has no negative environmental impact, is at the forefront of our efforts. Our innate curiosity to engineering and design problems, paired with world-leading innovation and manufacturing standards will make this dream a reality, and today, we are already taking large steps forward with our Optimal Drive and Hybrid Synergy Technologies.

Towards the Ultimate Eco-Car
The ultimate eco-car emits no harmful emissions and has no negative impact on the environment.

If we pursue our efforts, we believe we will fulfill our ambition to create such a car. The vehicles that we make today, with their Toyota Optimal Drive and Hybrid Synergy Drive technologies, are all steps forward. But there is much more to do, and there is much more to come from Toyota.
Plug-in Hybrid
Our Plug-in Hybrid vehicles allow battery recharging from mains electrical supplies, boosting fuel efficiency, reducing running costs and lowering CO2 emissions particularly when electricity is supplied from renewable sources.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Powered by an electric motor and battery, EVs are ideal for short inner city journeys. If renewable energy is used for charging, EVs are totally emissions free. Our electric iQ concept showcases this technology in a compact package.

Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV)
Fuel cells that create electricity by combining oxygen with hydrogen, power our FCVs, with minimal by-products of heat and water. Our FCHV-adv SUV utilizes this technology and sales are due to start in 2015.

Toyota Mirai

Mirai, means ‘future’ in Japanese and this vehicle represents a turning point for the automotive industry, offering the promise of a safer, greener, easier world of motoring.

The Toyota Mirai has the cruising range of a conventional saloon, can be refuelled in less than five minutes and emits only water vapour. In Akio Toyoda’s words, President and CEO of Toyota: “This is a car that lets you have it all, with no compromises”.

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