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Since Toyota Manufacturing UK started our operations in 1992, we’ve continued to seek ways to reduce our environmental impact. We are one of 3 Toyota plants in Europe that has been selected as a beacon of environmental excellence, leading cleaner processes and greener technologies, highlighted in the following statistics from our Burnaston plant:

What we’ve achieved
Toyota Manufacturing UK was the first British car manufacturer to achieve ISO 14001 certification – a standard of recognition for environmentally responsible businesses. We have achieved this with industry-leading innovation and development in the following areas:

Zero Landfill
In 2001 our UK manufacturing plants produced a sobering 1,818 tonnes of waste per year. As part of our five year Environmental Action Plan, we aimed to reduce waste to zero, which we achieved in 2003, making Toyota Manufacturing UK the first UK car manufacturer to meet this environment target.

Waste Water Recycling
At our Burnaston plant, we save 100,000 cubic metres of water with our specifically designed purification system, recycling discharged water into steam generation for on-site power.

Energy Optimisation
Our energy efficiency improvements focused on our paint shop at Burnaston, resulting in a ‘predictive’ air temperature and humidity control system, which led to a 40% drop in steam use and a 40% reduction in CO2.

Solar Arrays
Toyota are committed to harnessing renewable and sustainable energy sources, demonstrated by the installation of solar panels at two of our UK factories, reducing emissions.

Working in partnership with British Gas, we installed the UK’s largest solar panel array connected to an industrial site. 16,800 solar panels generate over 4,600,000 kWh of renewable energy per year; enough to build 7,000 vehicles.

Following the success of solar energy at Burnaston, our Deeside engine plant installed 12,680 panels in 2014, which generate 3,475,000kWh per year, providing enough energy to build 22,500 engines. Emissions are set to fall by over 1,800 tonnes a year, the weight equivalent of 1,260 Auris hatchbacks.

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