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Apprenticeship FAQs

Apprenticeships FAQs

Q) How long is a Toyota apprenticeship?

Our apprenticeships last for two years for a service advisor and 3 years for all other areas.

Q) Where will I stay?

Apprentices usually stay nearby in the Mercure, Burton upon Trent. If you live locally you'll have the option of traveling from home each day.

Q) What qualifications can I achieve?

Our apprenticeships are Advanced Apprenticeships and include functional skills, a technical certificate and VCQ/VRQ at Level's 2 and 3 (L3 only - Service Advisor).

Q) How do I achieve these qualifications?

You'll be employed at a local dealerships to get practical experience of the motor trade and to work towards your qualification. You'll also attend training blocks at the Academy in Burnaston to further your theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Each apprentice is mentored by a work colleague and visited by an Assessor.

Q) How will I get to the Academy, and do I pay for travel and food costs?

Travel and accommodation are arranged and paid for by your dealership. A bus service to and from the Academy is provided by the hotel. Breakfast and evening meals are included in the hotel costs and there are restaurant facilities at the Academy at lunchtimes and break times.

Q) How much money will I earn in my first year as an Apprentice?

If you work a normal 40 hour week you will earn approximately £109.20 a week, £6000 in your first year.

Q) Does all training take place in Burnaston? Or do I work in a local dealership near to my home town and attend the Burnaston Training Centre on a set number of weeks each year?

The training for the qualification is based in Burnaston, at the Toyota Academy. You will be employed by a dealership, and attend the Academy on block release; for example a service technician is for 2 weeks at a time.

Q) Who pays for overnight accommodation in Burnaston?

The cost of accommodation, in most cases is paid by the dealer.

Q) Do I have to find a Toyota dealership first that is willing to take on an apprentice?

You will have to be employed by a dealership before you can join the Apprentice Academy. The Academy has a recruitment section on the website, where as a prospective apprentice you can fill out an application form on the site and if there are vacancies in their area, we will let you know about the vacancy. You could also ask the local dealership to see if they have any vacancies or view their website.

Q) I've just finished school, when should I apply to the Apprentice scheme?

We start our recruitment year in February and students will normally start looking in April/May time of their leaving year.

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