Getting you prepared for Winter

Well, it had to happen!

The long dark nights of winter are here and as soon as you find yourself driving into the bitter winds, driving rain, hail, ice and snow then it becomes clear that getting your Toyota safe and ready for Winter isn’t a nice thing to do, it’s absolutely vital.

Bring yours into us and we’ll carry out a full Winter health check for you. We’ll take a close look at things like anti-freeze, oil levels, lights, lenses, windscreen, the wipers and, of course, the tyres. In fact, we can fit tough Winter tyres that work better in the cold and even reduce braking distance in poor weather.

This time of year really is the most challenging season to drive in so we want to make sure you and your Toyota are fully prepared for it. Find our more and book your Winter Health Check here.

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We’ll look after you this Winter

Bring your Toyota in to us for a Winter health check and we’ll take care of you both.

If you’ve previously booked, we can work on your car while you wait. So while you relax in the warm and have a coffee, we’ll make sure your car is ready for the colder temperatures. Our fully trained technicians will check your tyres for pressure and condition. We’ll look over the windscreen, the wipers and the washer fluid. And we’ll make sure the oil and brake fluid levels are topped up too.

We’ll examine all the headlight and indicator bulbs, as well as the ones on your number plates (an easy item to miss if these aren’t working properly). Anti-freeze really becomes useful as the days and nights turns colder, so we’ll check the levels and make sure your Toyota has the right fluid so the system is working as efficiently as possible.

Tough weather needs tougher tyres


Winter tyres

Car tyres lose performance when the temperatures drop below 7°C. That means grip is affected so cornering and braking can become harder to control, especially if there’s snow, water, ice or even black ice on the roads.

This is why we recommend fitting tough Winter tyres before the weather turns even worse. These special tyres use a different type of compound and tread to normal tyres so they work better in colder temperatures.

They give a considerably shorter stopping distance on both wet and dry roads at low temperatures. Plus, they return better mileage as the wear on normal tyres increases when used during winter months (reducing mileage by up to 20%). Call us today to find out more, or book your appointment now.

Roadside Assistance

If you drive, sooner or later something unexpected can happen. A puncture, a bump, even locking your keys in your car can ruin your day, your trip to work - or your Christmas holiday.

So get covered and cared for 24/7 with Toyota Roadside Assistance - and just for £7 a month or £72 if paid by annual direct debit.

We’ll be there to look after for you if you break down at your home, on your way to work or even when you’re off abroad. And you’re in good hands as Toyota Roadside Assistance is also a Which? recommended provider of breakdown services.