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Rewarding Recycling

Thinking green can put some welcome cash in the bank when you recycle your old Toyota.

Scrapping your car now means that you get to help the environment whilst you do it. The best way to prevent the new mining of metals and other mineral resources is to recycle the existing ones. Not only can the metals in your car be recycled and used again in the production of new vehicles, but there’s also the added benefit of limited toxicity. Mercury and other heavy metals that can be found in the construction of the modern vehicle can be properly recycled or disposed of so that there is no harm to the environment.

Toyota and our recycling partner, Autogreen, are therefore encouraging customers to recycle responsibly so that plastics, engine oils and metals can be handled and reused cleanly and safely. It’s not just the environment that benefits from this. In return, you will be rewarded with a guaranteed price for your old vehicle with a BACS transfer direct to your bank account from Autogreen.