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If you’re still not sure about the benefits of hybrid technology why not let our customer reviews put your mind at ease?

The comments below are unedited uncensored hybrid owners’ reviews acquired via Bazaarvoice, an independent company giving easy access to other shoppers’ experiences and opinions you can rely on.



Yaris Hybrid

"How all cars should be"

"I have had my Yaris hybrid for almost a month and I love it. It is comfortable, a dream to drive and I am learning to drive it more and more economically. The switch from manual gear box took a bit of getting used to but now it is second nature."

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Toyota C-HR Hybrid

"A great drive and looks cool!"

"It gives me great pleasure to write a review on my new C-HR, ‘Icon’, It’s a stunning vehicle, extremely well equipped and very easy to drive. My previous vehicle was a RAV4 diesel ‘shift’ and not an automatic. Driving an automatic is a new experience for me, I adapted to the new vehicle very easily, and the dealership was extremely supportive in helping me make the transition. 

The interior and exterior is well conceived, presenting a very modern example of styling. All the safety features are excellent and work well. In my opinion, the seating and cockpit environment is very comfortable and example of good ergonomics."

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"Smooth ride"

"Bought over a month ago. Absolutely brilliant. Smooth, comfortable almost limousine type ride. Super features, ones not expected to have had. Light steering. Everyone should buy one!"

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Prius Plug-In

"Plug In a win win"

"The car is sweet and filled with so many behind the scenes technologies , yet is simple to drive and so quiet. Done about 600 miles and still finding new features to tune to our liking. Used about 1/3rd tank of fuel so far the plug in saves so much on local journeys."

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Prius +

"Great family all rounder"

"Having purchased this car in January, it has had a fair test for all sorts of journeys, including small furniture moving and collecting the grandson to stay. He had a mountain of luggage including bike, suitcase of toys plus the usual cases of clothes etc that child requires. Plenty of town and motorway work. I have completed nearly 2000 miles already."

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