Hybrid Maintenance

At Toyota we love servicing your hybrid car and keeping it in perfect condition for the road. All our hybrids are given a Hybrid Electric Service which specifically checks your hybrid battery to ensure optimum performance and long life. And we are so confident in our technology that every hybrid model comes with a 15 year hybrid battery extended cover if you have a yearly Toyota Hybrid Electric Service. Our guide below answers the most frequently asked questions about Toyota car servicing and hybrid maintenance.

How to maintain a hybrid car

Hybrid vehicles contain highly advanced technology, but that doesn’t make them more expensive to maintain. As with all our vehicles, regular Toyota maintenance is key. Hybrid engines need regular oil changes but no special servicing is required for the hybrid car battery or hybrid system itself.

Thanks to ‘regenerative braking’, hybrid brake pads last, on average, longer than conventional cars and even consume slightly less engine oil too.

How does Toyota service your hybrid?

The costs for maintaining a hybrid vehicle are no more than any other car and Toyota offers competitive servicing plans on all vehicles. Our Toyota Hybrid Electric Service even includes checks like a diagnostic test for its system and a standard battery health check to ensure optimum hybrid battery conditioning, bringing down costs and improving fuel economy.

The Toyota Warranty covers 5 years or 100k miles, and regular approved Toyota servicing will also make your vehicle more attractive to potential buyers should you wish to sell it.

How long do hybrid batteries last?

This depends on your driving conditions and whether your vehicle has been regularly serviced. If the conventional engine on your hybrid isn’t in good condition, it will add strain to the battery and cause its cells to deteriorate so affecting its life. This will result in you using your conventional engine more to keep it charged.

Your Toyota Hybrid battery is covered by the same five-year or 100,000-mile warranty as the rest of the car. Having a Toyota Hybrid Electric Service annually will extend the standard cover on your hybrid battery for another year, or 10,000 miles, meaning your hybrid battery lifespan can be covered up to a total of 15 years.

Hybrid battery repair

All new Toyota Hybrid batteries carry a five-year or 100k mile warranty, whichever comes first. Should it fail outside of its warranty period, such as a used car purchased privately, our specialists will be happy to advise on how it can be repaired.

The cost of replacing a battery can be covered by our hybrid battery cover which increases by one year or 10,000 miles after each regular service with Toyota. Find out more about our Hybrid Electric Service.

Alternatively, you might opt for a Toyota Hybrid battery replacement with a new warranty. As outlined in the table, costs will vary according to the model and year of your vehicle.

From price (Inc. VAT)
Yaris Hybrid £1,085.76
Auris Hybrid
Auris Hybrid Touring Sports £1205.29
Toyota C-HR Hybrid
RAV4 Hybrid £1,564.38
Prius £1,205.29
Prius Plug In £6,112.52
Corolla Hybrid £1,329.80
Find Your Nearest Toyota Dealer

Toyota has one of the largest dealer networks across the UK to service your hybrid car. Use our website to locate the nearest Toyota dealership to your postcode and simply book your car in.

From routine servicing and repairs to a Hybrid Electric Service we will be happy to answer your questions. Find your dealer to book a car service or to find out Toyota service hours.