Mileage of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid car mileage is one of the most frequently asked questions and the short answer is that for short journeys at slower speeds, or in built-up traffic, a hybrid car actually uses no fuel because it runs purely on its electric motor. So if you mostly drive in and around town, a hybrid car’s mpg improves dramatically over a conventional car where the petrol or diesel engine is running at all times.

How does a Hybrid compare with petrol and diesel cars on mileage?

As the hybrid car increases speed, say on a motorway, then its conventional engine kicks in and it starts to use petrol just like any conventional car. However, even when taking slow speed usage out of the equation, hybrid mpg is still very impressive. You can see how the different types of power train within the Toyota range compare below.


If all the above cars were caught in traffic, or had to slow down, or went through built up areas, the Yaris Hybrid and Prius Plug-In would rely on their electric batteries more and perform at their best. We have made no comparison on fuel with a purely electric car but a typical modern all-electric vehicle may have a range of 155 miles before needing to be recharged. The main advantage of a hybrid in this context is that it needs no recharging. 

Toyota’s hybrid cars are growing enormously in popularity and are especially economical in built-up driving conditions. Even in direct comparisons on non-stop driving, hybrid fuel economy and range is every bit as impressive as any comparable conventional car.

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