Alongside English Cricket, and as part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, Toyota asked cricket fans one simple question: How would you make cricket better?

The reaction was incredible: It was a wonderfully simple brief that produced a wonderful range of inventive, original and thought-provoking ideas, the best of which you have been voting for on the Toyota website.

The shortlist has now got down to one. We’re excited to announce that the #BetterCricket votes have been counted and the winner is Matthew Eastgate’s interactive cricket net.

Congratulations to Matthew Eastgate and thank you to everyone for submitting ideas and taking the time to vote.

Interactive practice net for bowling & batting

“Inspired by the success of Borussia Dortmund’s ‘Footbonaut’, I want to bring to life the world’s first interactive cricket net! My net will feature practice aids designed to help bowlers and batsmen develop their skills and improve the consistency of their game. It would incorporate an interactive floor to show the perfect line to bowl, similar to the landing light on an airport runway.

For example, bowlers could programme short-length off-stump bowling. Alternatively, batsmen could programme in cover drives and try to hit a specific spot on the net. Sensors would display the speed and accuracy on a nearby screen. My net could change cricket training all over the world!”

Submitted by Matthew Eastgate

Interactive practice net
for bowling & batting

A boundary rope that flashes on impact

“Building on the success of the T20 flashing stumps, in my idea the T20 boundary marker will no longer just be a boring line – it will have flashing lights on it, too!
Every time the ball touches the boundary or crosses it – or when a fielder slides into or touches it – it will automatically flash, signalling four runs to the umpire and for the crowd to begin their celebrations.

My idea will help the umpire, provide bursts of colour and entertain the crowd all at the same time!”

Submitted by Elizabeth Geldart

A boundary rope that
flashes on impact

Satellite tracking of fielders

“Wouldn’t it be cool to track every cricketer’s pitch movements all at the same time? My idea will do just that!

I want to attach a GPS tracking device to each player’s apparel that transmits their exact pitch location to spectators and broadcasters. Spectators could access all the data on their tablet or smartphone, quickly analysing who have been the most effective fielders, how the fielding setup has evolved and what gaps have been most effective for the batsmen.

It would be a great tool for everyone involved in the game – from television pundits to armchair pundits at home!”

Submitted by Simon Shoebridge

Satellite tracking
of fielders

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